Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Pit Bull In Every Pot

Señor I Am Not has nominated Moi for president.

Sure. Why not?

I mean, who am I to refuse this important, historical nod?

After all, it will most likely mean:

1. I'll finally be able to purchase an entirely new spring wardrobe. I can't possibly stump in last year's outfits and, besides, I can write it all off. Just send all the receipts to my poor, long suffering accountant and have her file under: Really, Really, Important Presidential Nomination-Type Stuff.

2. Change. Really real change, Party People. I'm talking the stuff you put in your pocket.

3. Other really real important stuff I can't quite put my finger on at this exact moment. But I'll think of something. After I pick my running mates. And we all go shopping. And then stop for sushi.


ThursdayNext said...

I like this idea of real change in the form of Lincoln's and got my vote! ;)

Anonymous said...

Change the way these people treat the animals we consume. Fuckers. We need someone to cramp their style. Ugggh. Then ya got my vote sister! :)

Aunty Belle said...

I always wanted a Pres who wore hot shoes!

NYD said...

Are intelligent folk still allowed to vote?
If so then you are a shoe in.

A shoe in??? What the hell does that mean? I'm off to Wiki to find out.

NYD said...

Hey! I found out it was "shoo-in", not "shoe in".

Glad I found that out.
Don't tell my students about this.

moi said...

Thursday: Hopefully some Grants and Franklins, too.

Upset: Well, I like my animals to have happy, happy, joy, joy lives before I shoot 'em and eat 'em. So I think I can help you there.

Aunty: I'm a little worried about the whole handbag thing, though. Carry or no?

nyd: Hey you coulda left it and I would have just thought you were being super duper clever.

sparringK9 said...

fer Christ's sake will you please address the ISSUES. grrrherhahaha

moi said...

You mean the "tissues"?

Aunty Belle said...

A birkin in every closet!!

Vixen said...

VERY cool. Love what you did....

Happy Monday!

Karen said...

Would an Aussie vote be legal? If so, then you definitely have mine.

Jenny said...

Ms. Moi - what is your position on taxes?

Wait! I already know.

Let's go shopping.

Ms Robinson said...

Congratulations. Louboutins for all I take it?


No Sequined Boleros, Gypsy Skirts or Leggings