Friday, January 4, 2008

I Resolve . . . Not to Resolve

What is it Yoda says? "There is no try, only do or don't do."? So that's how I approach the New Year. I mean, really, what is it about this particular demarcation line? It's not like yesterday was any different from today. Time flies and it cares not in which manner you mark it.

Instead of a chance at a "new beginning" every January 1st, I prefer to think of life as a kind of upward march – a slow steady build up of endurance and fun. While always keeping in mind that, por Moi:

• I will not be made idle by despair.
• I will continue to find joy and purpose in my work and my relationships; otherwise, out they go.
• I will continue to never trust anyone who says they want to legislate in Moi's best interest.
• I will limit my spring 2008 fashion purchases to those things that do not jeopardize the retirement fund. But if I WERE to, ah hem, put said fund into jeopardy, this is what I'd do it for:

Bottega Veneta's half dozen or so easy-to-wear dresses that would have Moi saying, finally and forever, nyet to the walking short trend:

Or how about something jaunty in a mad splash of yellow? It's the one color I don't have in da closet and yet, it's so universally flattering. Like pink, only less shouty.

I adore this next trend. Heh, Wicked? Socks with sandals is okay with Moi!

Especially when you pair the two with a flouncy, flirty, twirly skirt:

As for shoes, well, I hear the wedge is back (oh? did it ever leave?) as is the espadrille, both of which I have. What I do not have, however, is a pair of these:

So, so fab.

And, finally, the total Yeah, Right, Dream On Dress. Were I of a certain age and economic status with nothing better to do with my time than attend lawn parties for this charity or that, I would wear nothing but Oscar de la Renta. Oodles and oodles of class, that one.


Landis said...

you know, you don't HAVE to retire. . .

Anonymous said...

the OdelaR was the best. i hate "walking shorts" and "capris" and think they are a part of a plot to make women look dumpy...but hell they dont have to buy them!! those sandals? are price upon request. yur kiddin me....whats that, like 4 bucks worth of materials? grrrerhahaha

i think a good fashion day is to find a tailored (meaning: boob darts) brooks bros white blouse at the goodwill. i wear those to paint in...i refuse, REFUSE, to schelp even when i know i will get dirty. my shirts are nice though paint spattered...but always ironed.

livin just enough for the cit-tay

i like your number 1...not being idle in the face of despair...i wish i had a dollar for everyone who told me not to start a business cause of the recession...well i have to do something everyday. fucken doom n gloomers.


h said...

I liked the first 3 resolutions quite a bit. Don't really understand Lady's Fashions but I like stuff that's see-through a lot. Opaque. Completely sheer. Blue. Pink. Whatever!

I even like the ones that are 90% transparent but have strategically placed bits of thicker fabric.

Is there a designer who specializes in this?

moi said...

Landis: I know. Am actively seeking a profession that requires Oscar de la Renta party dresses. Somewhere, anywhere, in the Rocky Mountain Southwest. It's a long shot, but a girl can dream, right?

Anonymous: That's what I love about you Southern women: always stylish, even in the face of paint splatter. I'm guessing, though, no $3 bazillion postage stamp Cavalli sandals to go with those darts?

Troll: Why yes, there is. It's called Frederick's of Hollywood. Or Victoria's Secret.

sparringK9 said...

i thought they were the sandals nina garcia featured as her must have resort wear gear....they were silver made by kjacques looked like what you showed...the little type beside it said price upon request. *uh oh* my resort we wear camo. grrrrerhahahahaha!

did you see those chanel stilettos with a little pouch attached at the ankle strap that looked like a court ordered booze hound monitor? those might look good with socks. grrrerhahahaha

how about those weird heels that are like in the middle of the shoe? (chloe) and then that marc jacobs shoe with a backwards heel from the toe

hell, just move to china, bind your feet and call it a day!

Jenny said...

Oh, I do enjoy your fashion posts. Those sandals?


Although in my neck of the world, I would have the opportunity to wear them only for a week.. but it would be so worth it.

Karen said...

I hate to offend Moi's fashionista senses but I'm afraid if it's comfortable, reasonably attractive and presentable, then I'll buy it. Shoes just have to be comfortable. I know, I's blasphemous for me to talk this way but.......I live in the country. The sheep don't give a toss what I wear and as long as I don't wear leather in front of the cows, they're pretty much cool with my choices.

I do love a twirly, swishy round the legs type of dress though to make me feel girly once in a while.

moi said...

She: I thought the same thing when I saw those butt ugly Marc Jacobs shoes (you wouldn't catch me shot dead and buried in anything from his spring 2008 collection – P.U.)

Anonymous: We're warmer here, I suspect. But no matter. My pocket book is still freezing cold.

Gypsy: My el bizarro childhood (half on a ranch, half in the city), is responsible I think for my dual fashion sensibility. My reality is Sketchers and running shoes. My fantasy, well, comfort, schmumfort. Stack those heels, baby!

Doris Rose said...

I just don't ever know What to say about Moi's Fashion world. Don't get it, never have, never will. Nope. Just live in a warm comfortable world of cotton, fleece, thick socks and prairie strength shoes.But -hey- takes all kinds and designers need to eat too.

Meghan said...

Excellent resolu... I mean, "to do" list for 2008.

About the socks with sandals... Seriously? If so, we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

moi said...

Doris: Well, of course, heels out on the prairie are just downright silly. Not to mention dangerous. I mean, you might stab a rattler or something and then where would you be?

Meghan: I know. I can't believe I'm groovin' on the trend. But I am. Help.

Enemy of the Republic said...

The photos are beautiful. You must work in an interesting field. I agree with your resolutions, particularly the one on despair and trusting those who work in the best interests of this moi--me. I've learned the hard way.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

for christmas, my mother gave me a date with an image consultant.

I am not kidding.

I had my first appointment. it was way outside my comfort zone. She is russian. and she said dahling you are in very good shape and that sweater is a terrible colour on you.

and you must wear makeup.


more on this as it develops.

Aunty Belle said...

What a sweet breeze this post is! there, has there ever ever ever been anythang better'n a perfect shirtwaist to make a female form truly female? Trust BV to git that, and git it right.

The divine O-dl-R loves women. Ya' see it in the feminine lines and supple materials--he is second only to Balenciaga IMHO--oh, yes, he was CB's understudy in Spain--well, them Spaniards turn out feminine attire almost as good a matador attire.

But about them socks and doll, that doan work lessen' yore laigs is 6 feet long, do it?

On glass slippers...well, I wuz once in a Jimmy Choo and got mah fingers singed when the hidden tag was found-3200. Thas' a lotta pork rinds.

Fun fun post!!

moi said...

Enemy: Writing is my vocation. But my primary interest is watching how humans put things together to decorate their lives – fashion, home design, architecture, civil engineering, cooking.

Pirate: The hell you say? I can't wait for the post. All I can say is, there's a difference between fashion and "image". One is Audrey Hepburn, the other Joan Crawford.

Aunty: Fortunately, fun, flattering fashion does not equal take out a second mortgage. 'Cause life without pork rinds? Totally unacceptable.