Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lazy Ass Excuse for a Blog Post #3 Bazillion

Today, Party People, is the premier of yet another of what I like to call Moi's Exclusive Blob Features.

This one I am calling: The Post I Wish I'd Written But Didn't But it's Brilliantly Funny Nonetheless and You Should Go Read it NOW and Hence Save Moi From Having to Come up With Something of Her Own Today.

Written by Da Pirate, it's a deftly hilarious examination of what happens when an innocent engineer suddenly finds her utilitarian wardrobe poked and proded by a red alligator coat-wearing Russian fashionista.

GO READ IT NOW. You'll laugh yourself silly, which is a good thing for the weekend.

(P.S. Pirate: I love my distressed, olive green, tie bottom capris with the five bazillion pockets, too!)


Doris Rose said...

fashion makeover hahahahahahahahaha

sparringK9 said...

i read it. it was fun. now about that springpole....grrrerhahaha. i have been throwing big BIG sticks in the creek and Trout fishes them out. a great tool for exhausting a near inexhaustible dog!!!i have video! youre dying to see it right???
back to the city tomorrow. *sniff*

happy saturday night!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh goody...thanks for the spotlight!

now I guess I will have to go and write the follow up.

Except I have to take pictures of myself.


Karen said...

Thanks for the link. You don't have to provide the entertainment as long as you lead us to it and YOU DID!!!

moi said...

Photoooooosssss! Yes! Sorry, dudette, I just gotta spread da wuv. Specially when it's this funny and well written.

sparringK9 said...

here is trout's video

ThursdayNext said...

oooo this was fun to read!

Aunty Belle said...

Ho ho! real fun read--wish she would post the before and after photos!

How's you?