Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves."

- Bill Vaughn

But I do neither. I get sick and go to bed at nine o'clock, where I toss and turn feverishly and wonder if it's a stomach bug or perhaps pancreatic cancer. But SB woke feeling squirrelly, too, so no cancer for Moi. I haven't been sick in about three million years, so this is kind of a bummer.

Then again, what better excuse to sit on the sofa all day and catch up on my cross stitch and reading while SB saturates himself with more football games than there are stars in the known universe?

And to wish you all the very Happiest of New Years, one that brings you oodles of peace, joy, and prosperity. And lots and lots of candy.


sparringK9 said...

happy new year! im glad i found this blog and you in 07....and yes 08 looks great in spite of whatever may happen...the dollar may fizzle, the elections will sizzle, the weather may drizzle, but i'll be the schnizzle. grrrherhahahahaha!!! just lookin forward to getting BACK TO WORK cause thats what i likes to do!!

sparringK9 said...
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Doris Rose said...

po' baby...push fluids, clear liquids and a warm binky. mmm brought to you by: Serious Medical Advice.

Jenny said...

You too??? I spent yesterday reading 2 books and wondering why I was targeted by the food bug.

But in some weird way.... it was relaxing.

Happy New Year Moi!

Meghan said...

Sucks about the bug. Nothing is worse that nausea sweats. Trust me. I know.

In any case... HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Moi.

Aunty Belle said...

yeah..dark semi sweet--no, make that bittersweet--candy, NOT 2008!!

felicitations to you and all yores!

Aunty Belle said...

Anonymous Boxer--WHAT????? I cain't leave ya no message --ya pulled stuff? Aw....(sorry Moi--din't know how else to send ABoxer a note--hope she's readin' Moi!)

Looky, I git that ya need to "DO" life fer a spell, but golly gee whiz, no com box? email?....hope thangs go swell fer ya sweet chile'....(who's gonna give the NEXT FAB blog party?????)

ThursdayNext said...

A very Happy New Year to you!

Karen said...

Happy New Year Moi and I do hope you are feeling better now. Must be something in the atmosphere because I have only gotten out of bed today for the first time in nearly a week. Not the ideal way to start the new year, but hey, it can only get better right?

Dave said...

One of the first times at your site. Hope you feel better soon! :-)

Take care!