Friday, December 14, 2007

Unabashedly Optimistic Friday

In the semi-sort-of spirit of the bloggers out there who spark our creativity (or at least ensure we have an increasing supply of new ways in which to blow entire work days) with such things as Mute Mondays and Friday's Feast I would like to declare today: Unabashedly Optimistic Friday.

(Yeah, yeah, it's one day only, but hey. Kinda hard to be that optimistic every Friday of one's life. But let's at least give it a go for today, shall we?)

Today's optimism theme was actually inspired by a sign in the margins of The Two Dog Blog that reads:

(Don't you just love that?)

The Two Dog Blog is a recent discovery of mine. And I love, love, love it. Not only because it's written by Landis Smithers, the über cute (le sigh) creative director for Old Navy Stores who lives with his husband and two pit bulls in San Francisco, hence combining two of my loves - bull dawgs and well made but inexpensive basic fashion - but also because in everything he writes, Landis projects such a wonderfully sunny, optimistic attitude towards life, you just want to jump right through the screen and join him.

So tell Moi: What, if anything, makes you think that life is not meant for misery and pain and badly made shoes, but instead for enjoying its great big fat bowls of cherries in all their variety. With whipped cream. And sprinkles.

(Oh, and don't forget to tip toe over to Da Baking Blob for a bit of end-of-week fun.)


sparringK9 said...

grrrerhahaha! i went the same way today! make sure you read the bottom portion of my post - i think you will like it. love this photo! a dog goes a long way towards making a day good. have a great weekend!

Aunty Belle said...

Why Puddin' of course life is made fer "dappled thangs"!

Why else is there music? no scientific need fer it--it is pure joy...why is there blue butterflies and yellow too? or the zillions of life forms--why it's evidence of the exuberance of the Creator.

Man makes thangs other than needful thangs--like whipped cream when jes' cream would fill a makes clothing fun, when warm covering would do--makes furniture fancy when a stool would do, grows posies when vegetables would do...
testament to joy!

Wicked Thistle said...

Oh, I love optimism!! And I'm getting ready (I hope) to do a blog on celebrations, so this parlays nicely. I have an intrinsic belief that what life is *really* all about is joy, and anything that causes us to stray from that ideal should be attacked with a squinky eye and a big stick. And possibly prescription medication. And even though it is less attainable for me these days than I would wish, my internal compass continues to point toward and seek out that direction. Joy is flighty, fickle, and often hides down dark alleys, but when it finds me--or I it--something important is set right again.

moi said...

To you all: YES.

Jenny said...

I'll take that optimism and raise you a bag of Mint Frangos!

I love this, even though it's Sunday and may I THANK you for two more great blogs to read?

er, Thank you.

Now off to find those mints and read a little......

Hope you're having a great Sunday and I LOVE the picture.

Landis said...

well well well.

ya make me blush, baby.

thank you for the shout out!