Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Heart

Look at the fabulous CD cover the fabulously talented She made Moi for Christmas! I'm posting it up here because it just tickles Moi pink, it's so brilliant.

It will also serve as the place marker for my last post for a few days. But if all goes well, if Southwest Airlines arrives in New Orleans in a relatively timely manner, if Baby Jesus blesses us with an up and running Daiquiri Shack, and if we can likewise grab 'n' go us a couple oyster po' boys, in exactly 50 hours, ten minutes, and some odd seconds, I should be feeling groovy enough to send you my next post from the wilds of the South Louisiana suburbs. Louisiana, Party People. It does a Moi's heart (and stomach) good.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Blessed Solstice to you all!

* * *

P.S.: The Pirate just tagged Moi. And I feel a strange compulsion to obey. Perhaps it's because she gets up at 5:00 every morning to swim and I don't (in fact, I'm coming up with some pretty darn good excuses why I don't even want to go running on this gloriously sunshiny, snow-dappled day.)

So, to procrastinate further:

Five Interesting Things Involving the Number Five. About Moi:

1. Five is the number of the age I wish I could revert back to for one day each week. Because at five, you're not required to have a job – heck, you're not even required to be in school – and you're certainly not required to juggle any kind of grown up stuff like politics and hassles with plumbers. And Christmas is so lovely when you're five. It's just you and the presents. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless your parents forget to buy batteries for your new Malibu Barbie Sports Car. That kinda sucks, at five.

2. Five is the number of husbands Moi is afraid she's going to have to limit herself to, with S.B. being primary, of course. Because the list is simply getting too ungainly. As much as I'd like to include up and comers like Daniel Craig and Pablo Nutini, I'm afeared it's going to have to work thusly, for the sanity of all involved:

1. S.B.
2. Johnny Depp
3. Ewan McGregor
4. Jack White
5. Bruce Willis

3. Five is the number of shoes - excluding athletic footwear – I would like to limit myself to in the New Year, in an effort to take a more Zen approach to material goods: One pair of heeled brown boots. One pair of heeled black boots. One pair of low heeled, English riding-style boots. One pair of black patent leather peep toe pumps. One pair of brown leather flat sandals. One pair of espadrille-style sling back . . . Oh, hell, who am I kidding. Never mind.

4. On the other hand, five is the exact number of winter running pants folded neatly in Moi's closet. Not because I hate to do laundry (there's your Zen right there, Party People), but because do you KNOW how many winter running pants styles there are out there and if I just keep trying, ONE of them will make Moi's ass look just right.

5. Five is the number of movies I currently am chomping at the bit to go see in the theaters:

1. Sweeney Todd
2. The Golden Compass
3. Charlie Wilson's War (although it looks to Moi like Julia Roberts has been horribly miscast)
4. I Am Legend (Will Smith was hard in the running for husband #5, believe Moi)
5. Into the Wild (even though I simply cannot tolerate Sean Penn, but the soundtrack sounds marvelous and "Hard Sun" has been running on the iPod for ages)

(But not: Atonement. Christ on a Cracker am I the only person who hated that book?)

Oh, and I tag Meghan, because most likely all she has to do is take five fabulous photos.


Karen said...

Hasn't SHE done a great job with all these CD covers I've been seeing popping up. So I take it Moi likes bags and shoes judging by the present and meme.

That was a very diverse group of husbands you gathered there. My number 1 would be Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST) and oohh it might be a nice way to spend an hour figuring out who the other 4 would be.

Have a wonderful Christmas in Louisana Moi and travel safely.

sparringK9 said...

i like sawyer too. he's hawt. and dirty. and bad. grrrerhahaha. thanks gypsy for the kind words.

MOI *blush* im honored to place hold for ya.
i wish i could send you whats in the sleigh...nothing about 8K wont cover. i like the sunglasses didnt ask for them but i threw them in.

jack white?! of the white stripes!??!!!??!! Dear God Moi. grrrerhahaha

on atonement. i agree. i saw the trailer at "no country.." and felt embarrassed to be in the same room with it. the english ididnt read it, but the movie...i hated raph fiennes all that whining and that attractive? *retch*

i may be the one rare female that isnt loving johnny depp. i like christian bale. and the guy who plays the "chairman" on top chef america. (soft) grrrrrrrrrr
hes a martial arts guy fro hawaii in real life.

i want to see i am legend so that would be the 2nd time in 3 years i will go to a movie.

aaron nevilles louisianna christmas is playing in my mind.....merry merry!i

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

thanks for being such a good meme sport.

lovely cd cover!

and uh, holy-bags in loosiana? HAVE FUN!!! bring back some humidity for me, willya?

moi said...

Gypsy: I have an unnatural attachment to girly shoes. I know not from whence this came since I spent the first 12 years of my life in Waffle Stompers and cowboy boots. And most of my life I now spend in Brooks trail running shoes or plain ol' socks.

She: Hey, Jack White may look like, well, we don't quite know what he looks like (Goth Pillsbury dough boy perhaps?) but he IS tres, tres talented. And that gets Moi every time. Yeah, that Sawyer dude would make a nice candidate. And I've always had a thing for the Welsh, so Christian Bale, mega big time. Sigh. See? Not enough spots. But yes, NO WHINGING allowed in Moi's harem!

Pirate: You're not getting enough humidity in the pool? But I hear ya. Is that a gale force wind I see/hear out there, sucking out every bit of moistures in our universe? Sigh. Treadmill fer sure.

Jenny said...

Moi - Have a wonderful trip! The cheese puffs were a hit! I love your list.

Meghan said...

Love the cover. It is fabulous. Like Moi.

I accept your "5" quiz challenge, and hope to have it completed by the time you get back from vaca!

Anonymous said...

bruce willis?

moi said...

czar: Aw come on, what's wrong with Bruce Willis?

Anonymous said...

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