Monday, July 23, 2007

Who's With Me on This?

Justin Timberlake's HBO Special

Okay. So he teeters just a hair on the not-so-cutting-edge of dweebie. But consider this: How many dweebazoid boys (or girls, for my 1.75 male readers) did you know in junior high and high school who grew up to know exactly what they were doing and now you could just smack yourself silly in the forehead for passing them right on by?


S.B. rolls his eyes like the end of the world were 2.5 seconds away and I was still figuring out what to wear whenever I mention just how underfreakingestimated I think Mr. Timberlake is in the greater pantheon of Popular Music. But I don't care. I've always been able to sniff out the diamonds amongst the rough. And I'm going with my instincts here: Justin Timberlake is very sparkly.

Besides, he's from the south, despite S.B.'s protestations to the contrary. (To my beau if it ain't Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama, it's "up north.")

Anyhoo. Admit it. You know you wanna turn around so he'll pick up the slack.


BOSSY said...

The kid is cool. Even if Bossy is old enough to be his mothah. She means His Mother.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I first fell in love with Justin when I saw this

anyone this irreverent deserves my complete attention.

I love that the boy does not take himself seriously. But he is a boy. *I* could be his mama.

Doris Rose said...

hmm, there seems to be nothing within the sphere of my existence that remotely qualifies me to try and dream up a comment about this topic. I know nothing. Justin sorry.

moi said...

Whoa. Hold on there, ladies. No need to trot out the Em Word. How about Hip Auntie or Slightly Older Cousin?

Anonymous said...

coming from one of your 1-3/4 male readers (I'm presuming S.B. is 1, leaving me at 3/4, which is generally more credit than I give myself most days), everyone i knew in high school was a boy (single-sex education), and most grew up to be exactly what they were programmed to be: doctors, lawyers, etc., and the drop-dead dumbest kid in the class (who was seriously stunted) somehow became an investment banker. and mr. timberlake does nothing for me, by the way.

moi said...

Czar: Hey, a male reader! 1.75 does not refer to the number of my male readers (my cousin is out there somewhere I think), but simply to the average frequency (ratio girl to guy? I dunno, it's math) with which y'all show up in the comment section. S.B. just hollers at me from his office: "You said THAT?"

I simply must try to macho up my content . . .