Monday, July 9, 2007

You Can Dress It Up

But you can't make me fly it.

So what, it's tres, tres chic. So what, it's 20 percent more efficient. So what, it's lighter (is a plastic airplane necessarily a good thing?) So what, it allows a bazillion times more cargo and leg room. It's not like I travel with my entire closet, you know.

Boeing calls it the 787 Dreamliner. And no, not because when you find your ass spiraling out of control down towards the Atlantic Ocean, it's gonna be nothing but sweet dreams from there on out. It's more like, dream on, suckas, regarding the orders.

So who's pitched up so far? Only a slew of our planet's finest, most frequently flown, airlines:
Air Berlin
Qatar Airways

Qatar, party people.

Me, I'm waiting for the Danes to perfect their quantum teleportation techniques.


Wicked Thistle said...

Transmortation, my friend, transmortation. It's the wave of the future. All we need is a little more tweaking of the laws of physics, then it's, "Beam me up" all the way.

Meghan said...

Dude... Akbar Al Baker means business!