Thursday, July 26, 2007

R.I.P. United States Constitution

Which is the greatest danger facing the United States today?

A. The threat of an outside terrorist attack
B. The threat of an internal terrorist attack

If you said A., well, it must be nice, living down there with your head in all that sand.

If you said B., you hit the nail on the head. Because we don't need to worry 'bout no yippy skippy jihadists undermining our way of life. Dubya is doing a mighty fine job of it all by himself. His recent Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq can only be interpreted, Party People, as no less than an all out attack against the United States Constitution, specifically the Fifth Amendment. If you don't know what I'm talking about in either case, go on, Google 'em. I'll wait.

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Okay, now for a short, sharp history lesson, courtesy Moi:

The absolute stunning beauty of the United States Constitution, the reason why it is without precedent in the entire history of politics, is that it was NOT created to protect the government from the whims of the people; it was created to protect We the People FROM the whims – often dangerous – of the government. How awesome is that?

But with the above decree, Dubya is circumventing the Constitution and everything it stands for and protects us against. What he is saying is this: "Trust ME not your country's laws."

You know what you call a government leader that requires total faith in their irrefutable knowledge and absolute power? A tyrant.


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

There is hope...

As I stood in line at Target yesterday, I saw the headline on the latest trash newspaper said, "DUBYA HEART ATTACK SCARE!" referring to dub, and his over-whelmedness. Apparently a combination of divorce, drinking, drugs, bad food and stress has all contributed to a heart attack. Or similar.

Or so the WorldlyNews would have us believe. Hey it was right next to an article about Nicole Richie's Pregnancy News - high journalism.

Oh, if only it were true.

Meghan said...

It's as if he trying to abuse his power as much as possible before he's FINALLY booted from office FOREVER.

The question is, can we survive another year and a half of this?

Orangeblossoms said...

I love you for this post, Moi! You rock. George W. should be under a rock. Great artwork, too. I wish I knew better what to do to get the man impeached. On NPR this week, This American Life, is about a guy who decided to go to Iraq and end the war himself. Wish I was as canny. I don't think he succeeded. Uh. Guess not. I need a nap or a drink. Or a drink and then a nap.

Ms Robinson said...

Well it does seem as if he's trying to fuck things up good and proper before he goes. Blair did it by giving that fool Rushdie a knighthood and accepting a highly inappropriate role as Middle East Ambassodor (Credible? I think not.)

Keep fighting the good fight.

moi said...

Pirate: Hmmm . . . perhaps Nicole's baby is also Dubya's baby? I mean, ponder the implications.

Meghan: Hanging on another year and half, I feel like that cat in that "Hang in There Baby, Friday's Coming" poster.

Or maybe, as per Orange, we should in the interim, just drink and nap.

Ms. R: Well, it's just a tad bit heartening to see that we're not the only folk in the known universe with a dumb ass at the helm.