Monday, July 16, 2007

Quote for the Day

The worst form of tyranny the world has ever known
the tyranny of the weak over the strong.

– Oscar Wilde


Meghan said...

Oh, that was excellent.

Is is strange to cry over a video set to rap music?

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

dogs are just being dogs, at the end of the day. They are just doing what they were bred to do.

It's the people I worry about.

moi said...

Well, most rap music usually makes me cry, but I made an exception in this case.

Now, setting a pit bull video to Kelly Clarkson, that would be a trick:

"Since you been gone
I chewed up all a' your socks
I'm so movin' on, yeah, yeah,
To your un, underwear
And then the plants."

Unknown said...

I now feel the challenge has been put in front of me - to make a dog video (I don't own pit bulls, so it would be tough to pull that off) to Kelly Clarkson music.

Unknown said...

That last comment was me. I happen to be signed into "Xan's" account.

~ Meghan

moi said...

You got Big Dog and Little Dog and if anyone can do it, bet you can! You Tube stardom awaits . . . go for it!

Wicked Thistle said...

Right on, sista! And welcome to the land of video blogging! The pictures were beautiful, inspirational, disturbing, and over-the-top on the Awwwwww Factor. Good stuff. I'm glad you're out there advocating for all the boy and girl pitties.

p.s. I *loved* the music, but you knew that already, didn't you?!

Orangeblossoms said...
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Orangeblossoms said...

(sorry about the delete... poor punctuation!)

You really should warn us that abuse pictures are coming! sheesh. What the hell are people thinking/doing!?! Hard Stuff.

But, meaningful and good and important. Bully for moi. (again!)

moi said...

Sorry! But then again, the point is no to warn people. Man's inhumanity to man and beast and all that – we take it for granted on some level until confronted with it. The funny thing about the pit bull "problem" is it is not an animal welfare problem. It is a social problem, with race, justice, abuse, economic status, etc. all tied up together. All sitting on the shoulders of this one breed that so long ago was a favorite family pet. How something goes from that kind of status to pariah within a few short decades is a people problem and one that is becoming increasingly important to me to work out.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Michael Vick story on NPR yesterday and it made me sick to my stomach. I just don't see how people can be cruel to animals, children, the elderly, or any being that needs care and love.