Monday, July 2, 2007

Fabulous Fashion Moments in Film

Ooo, I just love rediscovering the films of my youth.

This one is a goody, goody, with plenty of terrific '70's high fashion gloss, vintage Faye Dunaway bug-eyed emoting, a screamingly cliched sound track (culminating in one of those overwrought "rock ballads" that Barbara Streisand was known for during her l-u-v affair with ex-hairdresser-cum-movie-producer Jon Peters.)

All the fashion photos in the move were shot by one of my favorite artists ev-ah, Herr Helmut Newton. Here's a typical example.

See the girl on the far left? That's Lisa Taylor, one of the world's first Super Models. Back when Super Models were just that, that is – lusty and busty and full of their own fuck-it-all Amazonian power. Who could have predicted at that glorious moment in time that the Waif Trend would soon come scuttling in on its boney little feet and turn us all back into concentration camp victims?

Oh well.

Oh, and can you believe Tommy Lee Jones was ever this young? What a sexpot.

The film is also filled with marvelous grins and giggles. Like: Why, despite being 30-something when this was made, does Faye Dunaway look for all the world like a 50-year-old-nanny throughout the entire movie?

My theory is this: Jon Peters wanted girlfriend Bawbwa Streisand for the role. He was voted down. So he turned Dunaway into a dowdy little bitch. Or maybe that's the film's irony. Whatever. I just wish she'd looked more glam, ya know?

Even Laura Mars's car is a puzzle. Why, with all her money and fame, would she cruise the fabulous streets of 7th Avenue in the Family Truckster from National Lampoon's Vacation?

No matter. The Eyes of Laura Mars is over all a fabulous film. Go rent it today.


Wicked Thistle said...

Ooh, a new film to check out! Thanks for the review, I'll put it in my queue (ha, i'm a poet!). And I love, love, love campy, especially if there is a family truckster involved.

I've always thought that Faye Dunaway looked dowdy in her younger years. She didn't really blossom until the gray hit.

moi said...

Oh, honey, this movie rocks the Camp Bandwagon for sure! Wait until you see Rene Auberjonois's totally fab Gay Man of the 1970's hair-do. Today he's all Elder Statesman of Boston Legal and all, but back then, whoo! Oh, and I didn't even mention the way all the cops look like total pimps, complete with gold neck chains and blue tinted Ray Bans. Or the sure-to-get-Wicked to put on her Boogie Shoes disco fashion shoot scene. To die for.

Orangeblossoms said...

Couldn't you just say "Rene Auberjoinois" over and over again? It totally just rolls off the tongue like uh, like really smooth honeyed marbles. Yeah. Anyway, I used to go around the house just saying his name because it is so cool to say. I also used to say Jean Bertrand Aristide all the time. Didn't hear his name much after the 2004 overthrow, but still. Yeah. I am that dorky. Really. Oh yeah, great post, too. I am with you on the great fashion moments-- they should be immortalized. Now I just need a new cool French name to chant around the house....

moi said...

I know, French is so much fun, huh? It's like, no, no, no Party People, those peep toe pumps are NOT eggplant-colored. They're aubergine!

Doris Rose said...

never saw this special little ditty but love the pictures.And I think Rene is cute!and I loove de french, but i used to like saying "abul hassan bani sadr" real an entree.