Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We Pause for Station Identification

I had intended this morning to try and write something nice for Wicked Thistle, who just lost her beloved great aunt. But, I can't seem to come up with anything to say about death and loss that hasn't already been said and with much more oomph besides ("how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death?").

So, I will simply say: To have made it to 102 years old surrounded by all the good things life and love have to offer is a fabulous thing indeed. Well done. Sometimes, with death, condolences and congratulations are one and the same.

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Wicked Thistle said...

Well done, indeed! Thank you for your good thoughts for my great-aunt. You'll soon be hearing more about her and I hope you'll fall as hopelessly in love with her as everyone else who knew her did. Thank you for your condolences, but even more so for your congratulations!