Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring Sling Back

Today is a shallow-end-of-the-gene-pool kind of day. Because:

1. I have to save my creative energy for writing about a CPA firm. So sorry to report that writing for a living is not at all about cocktails and glamorous outfits and witty reparte. Mostly, it's about stale coffee and work out pants and repeated thunkings of head upon desk to shake the words loose onto the page.

2. It's Friday and S.B. is coming home and that just makes me giddy. Which could come in handy for said CPA firm. Or not. Most certainly, it will come in handy for S.B.

So in that spirit of giddiness, I thought I'd share with you my most recent – and, I swear, ONLY – shoe purchase for spring. I was simply beside myself when I found them because they contain within one single pair all of the elements I adore in a shoe. Hence saving me from having to buy any other shoes until at least fall. See how a good pair of shoes is, uh, like money in the bank?

Note the following fabulous features:

1. A heel higher than 2"
2. A peep toe.
3. A sling back.
4. A mock espadrille wedge.
5. Comfy padded foot bed.

Don't they just beg for a flirty skirt and a frolic through the park? Carefully, of course. I may be koo-koo for shoes-shoes, but I am also realistic about the potential dangers of frolicking in a 4" high sling back wedge.


Oh, and they go with everything. Except maybe workout pants.


Doris Rose said...

I soo love your shoe i cringe looking at my 15yo topsiders w/paperthin soles.And I really hope you can find something creative to say about CPA's(heaven knows some of their work is very creative).
Hugs to my VV.

BOSSY said...

Workout pants are overrated. Those shoes are the shit.

Wicked Thistle said...

I cannot wait to see you in these shoes. We should have a coming-out-in-these-shoes party. I'd need a walker if all 4" of them were on my feet, but you, *you* can pull it off, girl.

My BlueSky said...

You write so well about what you love; and obviously well about accountants being as it provides for your shoe allowance, groceries, bills, taxes, etc.

I will drive the bus when you begin your foreseeable book tour.