Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haiku Monday: SILENCE

Ah, still of the night.
Wait . . . what? Bark! Chirp! Creak! Hoooo, hoooo!
Silence, full of sound.

* * * 

Last week's winner and HM regular, Foamy at The Foaming, is hosting with theme of Silence. 
Check it out and add your voice—softly—to the din.


Boxer said...

There is nothing so silent as darkness unless.... you're on the animal midnight shift?

LOVE the image and I always learn more about how to write Haikus every time I read on of yours.

foam said...

Love the visual. Here night silence is more like the howling of a coyote, the barking of dogs ... And my husband's music.

troll said...

Great haiku. I understand it but I can't say WHY I understand it. Those sounds ARE a kind of silence.

czar said...

Not to mention the voices in the head. Never a dull moment.

moi said...

All: I suppose it's all what you're used to. City friends say to me, "Ooooo, you must sleep so well at night; it's so quiet in the country." Uh, not really. The house creaks, the dogs shift and pace, the wind blows, in the summer there are crickets and this other loud-ass bug I have yet to identify, and a neighbor's dog who, I swear and in spite of my notes both polite and threatening, has barked non-stop for the past ten years. I think he only breaks to catch his breath. Then again, there are no street sounds, which I totally cannot abide.

Buzz Kill said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. When I'm camping, the noise starts about 1/2 hour before sunrise. It is unbelievably loud. You really appreciate the insulation in your walls.

BlazngScarlet said...

That's one of my favorite 'silences'!

Fantastic! =)

Rafael said...

I can't sleep without a bit of noise.
Rustle of the sheets, pounding of a beating heart lying next to me, a bit of fluff tumbling out... all a sweet lullaby wrapping me in a cocoon of normalcy that eases my soul and quiets my restless spirit.

It's the damn silence that keeps me up at nights!

Very smart haiku...I like MUCHO!!!


Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

So many are the sounds of silence. Most of yours sound pretty good. Your photo is howling good as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice evocative haiku.

Ah, perfect nighttime quiet. (All but the nonstop barking.) I have been known to put my current neighbors dog in my own garage to get quiet!

Another neighbor in a different time after polite conversation, notes, and one conversation before breakfast - I waited until the civilized hour of 6:30 AM to arrive over there after being awakened by their dog treeing a coon under my window at 3:00 AM. The neighborhood finally made a pact to all call the sheriff the same night within a half hour and the sheriff visited. Would you believe the next day the "injured party" called several of us to complain that we had called the sheriff?! We had all previously talked to the offender numerous times and been told to go pound sand. The sheriff visit did work, though.

Do you have cicadas or katydids? Both are loud. I think katydids do their thing at night. There are some sound recordings on the net if you google katydid,


moi said...

Serendipity: Nope, not a katydid. It's a long, thin bug with long, thin, transparent wings that makes a sound like a cricket, but louder, shriller, and more sustained. Drives. Me. Nuts. Every year during the height of summer, it hangs out under the windows that open up to our master bedroom and goes nuts. One got in the house once and I was so mad, I tracked it down and did a terrible thing and sucked it up through the vacuum cleaner.

Your dog story is both funny and frustrating. What IS it with people who let their dogs bark all night? Don't they hear them? This dude I'm dealing with is some jacktard in a big truck with an even bigger attitude who always scowls at me. The kind of person you don't know if they're going to retaliate. So I get back at him by flinging all things that end up dead on my property on to his. Also, all rattlesnakes :o)

Anonymous said...

I do not get it. Period. That coon-treeing dog came after me once in my own yard, leading their other three dogs in a pack. I had to back it off with a big stick since I didn't happen to have a sidearm on 20 yards from the house. It later cornered some neighbor kids in their garage, and they were discovered in time by their mama. Had that been my kids, no one would have known where that dog went!

After that, had I had a chance the dog would have died, but he had a 6th sense. The part that outraged me most during my breakfast visit was the owner tried to tell me it could not possibly be his dog because it was blind - yeah blind - as the dog was watching my animated hands and responding to every move I made.

I do believe rattlesnake retaliation is appropriate. Just keep it on the sly.

S~ ;)

Pam said...

I totally forgot Haiku Monday. It is the eve of Wednesday and I just now thought about it. So sorry. Bizzy bizzy. Hope the best haiku won!

moi said...

Serendipity: Isn't that interesting. I wrote a blog post last year about a dog that was harassing me and my husband on our runs. It was a coon hound, too. A nasty, nasty creature, who whenever he saw us, would race across his property, bound over a five foot high fence, and charge right at us, hackles raised and teeth bared. Very disconcerting. I left a note for the owners, but these are the kinds of folks whose dogs are in constant rotation--I can't count the number of different dogs I've seen there over the years. He's no longer there, thank God.

Pam: I hope it's bizzy in a good way!

K9 said...

layers of noise in a good way. that is MY kind of silence.