Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maybe, Baby

Last Sunday I ran the La Luz trail run for the fifth time and posted a P.R. for the course. Prior to that, I'd spent the past six weeks sticking to a rigorous first-time marathoner training plan, in preparation for possibly running the Duke City Marathon on Sunday, October 17. I'm calling it the "Maybe Marathon" because although I was perfectly fine running my first ever half-marathon on this same course last year, I'm not so sure I'd like the Duke City to also be my first marathon.

On the one hand:

1. It's fast and flat
2. It's my home turf
3. The weather is likely to be perfect

On the other:

1. It's not an especially exciting event, and a part of me thinks my very first marathon, which ranks up there in my mind with some of life's great "firsts," should either be a rock and roll marathon where the energy is off the charts or someplace a tad more scenic, like, say, Big Sur.


This week I'm supposed to be back on track with the training, but instead I've been a slacker of the first order. Of course, it didn't help that I spent the first three days post-La Luz working dawn to dusk in Hotlanta and eating all manner of fried green tomato and garlic grits type things. Neither was the weather conducive to scooting my bottom out the door. Not only was it hot, the humidity hovered somewhere around one-hundred-gajillion percent and while I can take the heat, when the mug kicks in, I go all Scarlett O'Hara on myself. "As God is my witness, I will never sweat again!"

At least I managed a four miler on Friday and yesterday I hiked five miles with Maddie the Dog and some friends up in the mountains. Still. Hiking is not running, regardless of the quad burn.

Today, I am avoiding looking at my training schedule. Because I know what it says. It says: "Put down that donut you pansy-ass bum and do your 15 miles!"

La, la, la, la, la . . .


Boxer said...

first, congrats on a great time for the La Ruz. You don't say you ran straight up a mountain, btw, which you did. Then you hopped on a plane, hurled yourself across the country working very hard for 2 days under stressful conditions. Then you come home. AND you did run (4 miles is still my personal best!) and hiked. I was ready to tell you push/push/push today, but then I saw your tag and I really, really understand. If your body needs to rest, then let it rest. If Moi's head needs to rest, let it rest.

Because Scarlet also said "I'll worry about that tomorrow."

Now, pass the Cheetos and Fresca and don't bogart the remote.


Pam said...

Have you always been a runner? Re caring which marathon comes first ... there has to be a first one and you might as well be able to collapse in your own home afterwards! That would be my theory and I'd be sticking to it. I've been reading about the couch to 5K groups and have been semi-inspired. Love the idea of it, but running ..... ick, I've just always hated it. Would have to wear two sports bras and face it, probably things would still hurt.

intuitive eggplant said...

Being a pansy-ass of the first order when it comes to exercise, I'm in awe of what you do on the running front. Seems to me running a marathon is a mighty huge accomplishment wherever you choose to do it!

Clearly you’re a smart enough woman not to do it in not Atlanta (or Cincinnati) when the humidity is “one-hundred-gajillion percent.” We thankfully had a break in both heat and humidity this weekend. – good thing, since temps may reach 100 this week. Add our humidity on top of that, and it’s nothing but a hot, wet mess.

I share your enthusiasm for fried green tomatoes, after having some terrific ones this weekend. Off to see whether I managed to take enough good photos to warrant a post.

moi said...

Boxer: I did clean house, launder the dog beds, and mow the lawn, though. That should make up for it :o)

Pam: I've been running steadily for about 20 years, but never considered entering a race until about five years ago. Good point about being close to home . . .

Eggy: Two weeks ago, we suffered through three whole days of a persistent, steady rain, which is nearly unheard of in these parts. Like, I think the last time it happened, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Anyway, the air got so saturated with moisture that our big box of Crunch and Munch went all soggy. Now, that just ain't right.

Athena Misty, aka "GeekGirl" said...

You're right about the lack of excited ment. The Duke city course is BOOOOOORING. But. It's held during nice weather.
I so loved the New Mexico marathon, held every year at the end of August or Beginning of September. Nice course, but it's been canceled this year. Boo.

Aunty Belle said...

whoo hoo! Whee!! Congrats on the La Luz!!!!!!

but uh....ain't ya a mite hard on yoreself? mercy, Chile', youse done amazin' thangs an ya still cain't havr a day off?

Oct 17? THinkin' a blogger road crew could be fun>>>>

moi said...

Misty: I've heard good things about the NM Marathon. Too bad it's gone. Maybe if we'd sic-ed Pirate on them they wouldn't have dared been slacker enough to cancel it :o)

Aunty: Essentially, I had a whole week off, and my new week was supposed to start with Sunday. So, no break for me. Sure, pitch up! And, bring snacks and Mojitos!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Nothing like travel to mess up a good PT schedule. Between restaurant food, not knowing good places to run and that being on the road generally throwing one's timing off. It's all right to take a few days to rest up.

Now that you've had a nice rest.


moi said...

Karl: It's nearly impossible to eat well while on the road, even if one stays away from fast food. I love discovering local restaurants, but the calories add up quickly. So what I usually try to do is enjoy one nice dinner out and then hit a Whole Foods' or Sunflower market's to-go salad bar for the rest of the trip.

P.S. Back in the saddle this morning. Four miles.

Boxer said...

bwahahahah to Karl's comment.

LaDivaCucina said...

Congrats on the great time at La Luz~ but have to say I agree with Boxer, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I do all the time, that's why I'm an overweight drunk! haha!

czar said...

Your host did you a grave disservice by not taking you straight from Hartsfield-Jackson to Your DeKalb Farmers Market, which is only about 6 miles from his house. Trust me. Next time you are within 50 miles of Atlanta you must go there. I guarantee it will be the highlight of your visit.

moi said...

La Diva: No, you are not. You are vivacious!

Czar: Duly noted. Alas, my host, charming as he is, likes to eat out and eat out late. Which is the antithesis of how I organize my evenings. I eat early, sparingly, and then veg in front of the television. However, since it is his dime, I defer to his wishes.