Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Praying to the Aliens

Busy, busy, busy. Must stay busy for the hive. Busy, busy, busy.
Must make honey for the hive. Busy, busy, busy. Then, I die.

Mmm. Fly guts taste like chicken, if you are a garden spider.

Silly human. Earth-anchored bi-ped always dreaming of self flight, you have to create machines to bring you closer to the sun while I, the smallest of all the birds, take to the air with the ease of an afterthought. You are humbled when you look at me, I know.
Now, fill this feeder.

Don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation. So, come any closer, and I'll bite your head off.
That goes for you, too, silly little birdie.

One of us must maintain hegemony over this feeder, and I do not think it is you, silly little bug.

Yawn. When I grow up, I will eat you ALL.


Aunty Belle said...

Menagerie a Moi

Boxer said...

Love this and making a mental note that perhaps August is NOT the month to visit. Please tell me the safest time to venture into the Southwest, please.

Also, please keep those 'tini glasses cooling, pal.

P.S. Last week a black widow dropped itself on my brother's head in Ashland. AGHGHGHGGHGH.

Pam said...

Grasshopper vs. Hummingbird, The Smackdown!!!!

fishy said...

She swallowed the spider
to get the fly
I dont know why ...

chickory said...

LOL! i love the praying mantis. the coolest bug ever. and i do love the hummers. great little photo essay on chez moi.

moi said...

Aunty: If only the bats had shown themselves this year . . .

Boxer: See, the good thing about the desert is, you can either see or hear the critters long before they get to you. Well, except for the cougars.

Pam: That mantis stayed there all day and really worried the birds. It was pretty funny; they were like a bunch of hens fussing.

Fishy: Me, neither. I'll eat anything, but . . . yew.

Chickory: Praying mantis are so awesome I don't know why they don't rule the universe. Perhaps they do, and are only "visiting." And have you ever seen a hummingbird tongue? They are as thin and long as their beaks and jet black.

Heff said...

Ewwww. I hate spiders.

I've TRIED to catch a pic of hummingbirds at my place. No luck so far.

Boxer said...

remember the hummging bird nest at the spa? AMAZING.

LaDivaCucina said...

Did you take all of these photos by your little self? How cool! I love the praying mantis getting his sugar fix on! Very cool, poetic post, Mizz Moi!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

I found a Praying Mantis at the end of the dock a few days back. I coaxed it onto my hand and was going to take it and put it in the garden. As soon as I walked by the planters at the end of the dock, off she went and didn't even say thanks for the ride.

There are more than a few critters besides cougars in your neighborhood that could hurt you without making noise. Scorpions and Coral Snakes come to mind.

moi said...

Heff: But at least you don't smush 'em.

Boxer: Yes! And I finally snapped as to why I've never seen small juveniles. Birds are fully grown by the time they leave the nest. D'oh!

La Diva: Yes, that is my Nikon in action. That preying mantis was very regal.

Karl: I had scorpions when I lived west of Albuquerque, up on the mesas in the desert. Out here in the mountains, east of the city, they're nowhere to be found, thankfully. Coral snakes live in the southern party of the state. We have rattlers, but they're pretty shy. They make a nice showing, but we've always been able to coax them into a bucket for relocation.

Memphis Steve said...

Those hummingbirds are vicious when you threaten their feeders. I've seen them kill and eat small dogs for getting too close before.

moi said...

Memphis Steve: Yup. I've been dive-bombed myself a time or two. Hummers don't know they're small.