Thursday, June 11, 2009


What is your current obsession? Growing things in my garden, in spite of this unusually cool, rainy late spring. While my lettuces are growing like crazy, the tomatoes and basil? Not so much.

What is your weirdest obsession? I am obsessed with running the Iditarod. I dream of it – just me, a parka, a sled, the endless expanse of frozen tundra, and a great pack of dogs.

What are you wearing today? Right now: running clothes. Later: something presentable to go pick up my step dad.

What's for dinner? Roasted chicken, baked yams, wild rice salad, green salad from the garden.

What would you eat for your last meal? El Bruno’s Enchiladas de Herrera with a big ol’ margarita, followed by a frangipane and pear tart (Julia Child’s recipe), and a cappuccino with loads of sugar.

What's the last thing you bought? The book, 1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die.

What are you listening to right now? Ivan grooming his feet.

What do you think of the person who tagged you? Shamu has a very calm but determined presence – and a sneaky sense of humor. There are few people on this earth who would have been able to so artfully steer me away from Nordstrom’s by snagging my attention with the shiny objects in Sur le Table instead. Plus, she cooks like a pro and takes amazing photographs. I would love to go on a tour of K.C. BBQ joints with her.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? I’d need at least three: A penthouse in NYC, a Bart Prince at the foot of the Sandia’s, a cabin somewhere in the Looziana bayou.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Tree Spring Trail in the Sandias to get in a good run.

Which language do you want to learn? Italian, dahlinks, the language of food and wuv.

What's your favourite quote (for now)? "Life itself is the proper binge." – Julia Child

What is your favourite colour? Right now, I’m digging all shades of coral and orange.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? If shoes count, my 5” Stuart Edelman snakeskin gladiator sandals. If not, my Ann Taylor army green military style jacket that goes with everything.

What is your dream job? Rock star.

Describe your personal style: Whatever the hell I can get away with.

What is your favourite tree? Ponderosa Pine.

What are you going to do after this? Go for a run.

What inspires you? The American West.

Your favourite books? Baking, American history, natural history.

What are you currently reading? Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall. Go buy it NOW!

Go to your bookshelf, take down the first book with a red spine you see, turn to page 26 and type out the first sentence: "Remember that a dog’s commitment to you lasts forever and yours should, too." Who Moved My Bone: A guide for multi-dog households by Theresa Mancuso.

What delighted you the most today? Ivan dancing for his breakfast.

By what criteria do you judge a person? Whether or not they return their shopping cart back to the store or the shopping cart bin. Leaving it in the adjacent parking space or propped up against the curb is not only discourteous and lazy, it’s also potentially harmful to people and property. If someone can’t spare a couple seconds and a few yards to get the thing safely out of the way, they don’t deserve to live. Neither do those who see elderly or disabled folks struggling with their bags and don’t offer to lend a hand.

If someone waved a magic wand and suddenly turned you into a dog, what kind of dog would you be? A pit bull, baybeeeeeeee.

World’s most overrated painter (nicked off of K9’s tag, but I had to address it): R.C. Gorman.

My added question: You have thirty minutes to live. Who do you call and what do you say?

The rules: Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question with a question of your own.


Heff said...

Our tomatoes aren't doing worth a damn, either. HELP US !!

Aunty Belle said...

mah tomatoes is finished. Withered from heat and too much rain. Nuthin' but herbs now...

loved peekin' into yore daily life--heh.

Doris Rose said...

I continue to be surprised by the things I learn about you.You are rather artichoke-like, in a very good way.

Big Shamu said...

Bring on the bbq tour baby however I might have to hire the nazi-trainer from your desert spa trip to help us burn off whatever we consume. And let's face it neither one of us has adequate shopping time to quench our respective lust for clothes/shoes/cooking. Boxer's smart like that, it's the best way to get us back to Seattle.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I saw one of your dream homes last week.
The mosquito's were rather thick.

Aunty Belle said...

Can I put in mah reservation for a week in yore Looisana cabin?

Youse a fun trip, Moi.

chickory said...

man what a photograph of IVAN. classic and wonderful. such joy. i'll take that little shack in the bayou. as long as i have a lifetime supply of deep woods OFF. im dying to spend sometime in the american west. people ask me all the time if ive been to sante fe. when i say not they are shocked. they say "youd make sense there" i cant stand rc one-trick pony- gorman. its the wests' Kinkade. great job with the meme. now. go run!!!!

Big Shamu said...

Is that Ivan? Not that it matters, he has the lovably same melon like head of the young Burt Reynolds....

Boxer said...

I'm still working on mine, but this is a nice view into the "Mind of Moi".

The Iditarod? That's extreme thinking and I'm wondering how you'd do it in 4" heels?

I think the next blogger summit should be in New Mexico!

Big Shamu said...

Only if Moi gives snake skinning/cobbling lessons.

K9 said...

ditto boxer.

K9 said...

yeah -thats not ivan, is it? not wrinkly enough ;-)

K9 said...

oh and nice lettuces!! gorgeous.

Boxer said...

Best line from Spa Dinner:

Moi to friend "Do you shoot?"

Friend: "Yes, I have a .38, what do you have?"

moi said...

Heff: Mine are limping along. LIMPING.

Aunty: Jeez. Is no one getting tomatoes this year?

Doris: Artichoke is good. Onion would be a little smelly.

Shamu: We'll WALK from restaurant to restaurant. That'll nip the caloric gain in the bud.

Gnome: I know. The south would be so perfect without the bugs, my main objection being cockroaches the size of Humvees.

Aunty: Sure! Got any mosquito remedies?

Chicory: The Gormanator adored my mother. Hence, I have several of his paintings. You'da thunk the value would have shot through the roof with his death and I'd be sitting on a beach in Capri now as a result, right? Nope.

Shamu: Good spotting: not Ivan. But squishy nonetheless!

Boxer: Y'all come on by. We'll catch a few rattlers and K9 will incorporate them into one of her fetishes.

K9: My lettuces are my only garden pride and joy. AND, they're cut and come again. Which I'll do so long as this weather keeps cool.

Boxer: She Colt. I'm Smith & Wesson.

pamokc said...

Great answers. I'm going to have to grab this one and answer myself, probably tomorrow. I've been seeing it on a couple of other blogs today too. I didn't know you were a runner, but why am I not surprised? It has to do with the feet, which must look good in shoes :)

moi said...

Pam: I'm not very coordinated, so running was the only sport I could grok to as a youngster. Two feet, a pair of shoes: it doesn't get any more simple – and safe – than that.

TROLL Y2K said...

Having a tough time reconciling MOI with a "cabin in the Lousianna bayou". But good interesting answers all-around.

EmmaK said...

You are my idol - I only ever think of planting a garden but never get round to it. I am not worthy.

Boxer said...

I think I was laughing so much at the question, that I didn't hear the actual answer. I just remember Shamu's amazement with a similar conversation you and K9 had.

Dani said...

Nope, no tomatoes here either. They had a good start but now the heat is cookin' the poor things.

moi said...

Troll: It's probably a little bit buggy there for me, but otherwise, no problemo.

Emma: But didn't you bury your mum once in your garden :o)?

Boxer: "Are you sure you guys are girls?"

Dani: Waaaaaaaa! No one is going to get tomatoes and all the ones in the store are going to suck!