Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby, My Heart is Full of Love and Desire for You

I'm NOT going to indulge my passion for fun 1970's fashion.

If you went to Junior High School the same year I did, when "Seasons in the Sun" was a mega hit and your boom box looked like this:

then you may find yourself sniffing back a tear or two of nostalgia.

Most definitely, the shoes to GO with those Dittos?

I own a pair similar to the black ones above. I scored them on eBay two years ago. They were brand spanking new, languishing in a warehouse somewhere in Jersey until I rescued them. I wear the heck outta them. Famolare Hi Ups: Best shoe. Ever.

And I'm not going to buy any of these looks for day,

Or anything Disco Queen for night, like this el perfecto wrap dress.

Nor will I, unfortunately, buy the perfect car to drive it all in:


Boxer said...

of all of the things coming back from the 70's, I'm happy with platforms. Less hard on the feet than high heels and oddly comfy.

TROLL Y2K said...

Jacques Brel, that belgian demon!

Was there a re-release of that horrible song? The original hit-cover was by Terry Jacks in 1974. You're too young to have been in Jr. High then. Who did your version?

moi said...

Boxer: It's all about the platform, baby.

Troll: You're so sweet, always thinking me too young for things. But this time, you're right. I WAS too young to be in junior high in 1974. But for some reason, I associate "Seasons in the Sun" with my junior high sojourn, when the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is really more like it.

NYD said...

I'd like the car, but only if it came with 8-track and an assortment of some other fine musical singles like: 'Billy don't be a Hero' and 'The Night Chicago Died'

K9 said...

what about "timothy"? didnt you groove to the song about 3 guys down in a mining hole (grrrrherhahahha) with a dying friend who they finally ate? or how about the DOA song with the sirens where somebody dies in a car wreck? grrherhaha makes seasons in the sun look quaint.

i had some platforms with red bandana material. i wore them with short shorts and resembled the prostitute character played by jodie foster in taxi driver. my mother must have been very distracted.

in 1975 my boyfriend left me his gator colored (orange with a blue stripe down the middle) stingray to drive while he worked on an oil rig in morgan city (LA). this time my mom was not distracted and thought it "scandalous" for me to drive (at 16) that car to school because of what it "implied" grrherhahaha -but she let me. (!) oh boy did i ever love that. i thought i was the shit! i caught second gear out of first so often i broke a motor mount. oh i just loved that little tire shriek.

i remember those wavy bottom shoes! never had any dittos. i still wear stacked 70's style brown suede boots and i adore them. and i like weird patterned 70's shirts especially paisley.

mem -reeeeeeeeeeeees. like the corners of my mind.....misty watercolor blah blah blah

Boxer said...

I come for the fashion and stay for K9's "flashbacks". :-)

moi said...

NYD: Don't forget "Rock the Boat" and "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting."

K9: So, what happened to the boyfriend and, most importantly, the Stingray?

Boxer: I have a feeling her memories aren't misty and water-colored, either :o)

Heather Cherry said...

Stingray. Le. Sigh.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I'll have the dittos and the car please!