Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I'm Not Buying This Weekend

I blame everything on the Pirate. It's all kind of a blur so I don't remember who started it, but earlier this week emails began to fly furiously between us in which someone mentioned Piperlime and then the other someone asked what they would buy for spring/summer and then the first someone was all, "Well, if I had a bazillion dollars . . . " and the second someone was all, but I have about $89.95 left over after getting paid for this new assignment (please ignore these holes in my pocket, won't cha?)



Here you go.

Look. I NEED some color on my feet. That's about all I can tell you. Plus, it's a four season shoe. Plus, it has hardware. Not as MUCH hardware as this Carlos Santana (yes THAT Carlos Santana – he also designs shoes, whodathunkit?), but then again, this is about twice as much and besides, one has to wonder what it says about a girl when it looks like she's wearing zippers on her feet.

This Theory shoe is a lil' bit more demure, but it's also $350 smackers. And kinda butt ass ugly, now that I get a good look. Never mind.

Still, that's a savings of $450 right there, Party People, not to mention the headache of trying to figure out what in the heck fire to wear it all with. Because after all is said and done, who has the $ left over for actual clothing?

Oh, and if I were some high powered attorney in a law firm somewhere in Boston or something? I'd wear these. Six hundred fiddy big one's worth of shoe. Thank GOD I didn't grow up to be a lawyer. I'd really be broke:

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Boxer said...

Excellent! I love these Saturday posts because I'm getting a Moi Fashion Post and the opportunity to go "shopping" with you. Up here in the PNW, these are NOT four season shoes. They would be Four Second Shoes because that's sadly about how long I could wear them before I either fell over or the rain got in.

Still..... *sigh*...... Pretty... well, except for the butt ass ugly pair. You're right about those.

K9 said...

i like the red ones best too. the least enslaved of the bunch. ;-0

moi said...

Boxer: The "four second shoe." Bwahahahahahaha! In the desert, you may not be able to remember your name, but you CAN wear your shoes!

K9: The current enslavement factor of fashion is very interesting to me. Some people would say ALL clothing is enslaving but who wants to see butt ass nekkid 100 percent (hell, even 2 percent) of the time? Still: gladiators, hard wear, tattered cloth, unfinished edges, fish net stockings suddenly declared the ONLY hosiery allowed in summer. What the fork?

Margo said...

those last shoes do have a certain "cut them off at the kneecaps/pit viper" legalese thing going. Piperlime is great - if only the clothes to come with were included, it be a great deal. Be sure to link back to me in you post if you can! Thanks for playing! I've already got a backlog of stuff to share. I need to calm down :)

Milk River Madman said...

Haven't been here much but love the "What I'm not buying this weekend" theme. I'm actually buying some shoes today. Just standard walking type, nothing like you have here. Dont quite swing that way.

Heather Cherry said...

Just fab is all. And yeah, I have a fantastic pair of strappy snakeskin Santana stilletos.

K9 said...

what the fork! mad max - i gotta say, i like mad max fashion.

favorite line from "deliverance"

burt reynolds: "see, one day, the machines will break down and then it will be survival of the fittest"

jon voight: "and you cant wait"


if course if the machines break down, so does my Epson printer. so no no no i want to machines to live long and prosper!!

im rather fond of espresso too.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

What you need is some tartan!

;- )

Like the second shoes down best - I know they're a bit dressy, but they're also the most diva and if you're going to pay that much for a pair, you want them to stand out.

moi said...

Margo: Oopsie, addled brain first thing in the a.m. Linkee is UP!

MRM: Men are so silly. They only buy shoes they NEED.

Heather: Carlos Rocks.

K9: I like Mad Max fashion, too. I was what the forking about fish nets in summer. DURING the DAY. I'm trying to grok to that one. Maybe it would help if I channeled Burt Reynolds in Deliverance.

Poet: Dahlink, the only people who should wear Tartan are those who actually come from your part of the world. And lumberjacks in the PNW.

czar said...

What color are your Chuck Taylor high-tops?

moi said...


Boxer said...

the hippie chick in me is also attraced to Mad Max Fashion. Plus, it's durable and can handle rain, and kinda fits in with the "Camping Style" we soooo love up here in the woods. With a little "work" it can look sexy.

Aunty Belle said...


Missed so much fun--sorry fer the tardy felicitation.

As fer the shoes--yeah, I likes them Boston lawyer jobbies. Whoo!

Ya know, on enslavement fashion, or gladiator fashion , I seen a pair of camo print cropped thangs on a woman today --an' no kiddin' when ya got up close on her, the camo print was patches of flowers in dull colors. Thar' will be no fashion mercy when I is Empress of the Galaxy.

moi said...

Boxer: And when you Mohawk the hair you don't need a blow dryer.

Aunty: No fashion mercy – bwahahahahaha! I knew you'd like that last pair of shoes – classy, classy.

princessparkle said...

Ugh, I'd die in those shoes, it might have been worth it though...

I wonder what shape foot shoe designers have... I bet they're like Barbie's pointed and ready for heels.

They're all very cute!

EmmaK said...

Why oh why oh why are those horrendous flat roman sandals in fashion

moi said...

Princess: Yes, some are easier to wear than others!

Emma: Because we are preparing for battle? Against, um, rude waiters?

pamokc said...

I tried to comment last night but dang computer locked up. I might need those red shoes. Also may have to start playing what I'm not buying, maybe that will take care of my shopping therapy!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I blame you. only because, well, it sounds better than blaming myself. But remember, I also purchased at the end of the flurry. I went willingly into my purchased - ably assisted with a YOU GO GIRL from the electrons (I'll take that any time).

As a fellow shoe whore it is true that all we have to blame, at the end of the day, is manolo.

and I heart him too much to hate him.