Saturday, April 25, 2009

What I'm Not Buying This Weekend

I'm participating in a new Meme Thingee started by Margo over at Life in the Short Lane.

A shopping spree to be sure, but without the changing room hassles, the credit card bloat, and the inevitable remorse-slash-panic-slash-tummy-tumult that occurs about two hours later, when you realize you went home at two with a ten and woke at ten with a two. Ladies, you know what I mean. That Trina Turk peasant blouse for 50 percent off that looked so Boho fabulous in the store under those hallucination-inducing lights now looks like something your mom would have worn to schlep the vacuum cleaner around in those last few minutes before your father's inevitable return from the 9-to-5 trenches.

So, here's what I'm not buying this weekend:

Le sigh.
I so long for one of J Crew's fabulous bib necklaces for summer. They're a great way to fill a neckline on a low cut blouse or strapless summer dress. But at $175, no way, Jose.

Also from J Crew and quite the bargain at $135 given its high quality material and perfect tailoring. Alas, that's $135 smackaroos too many por Moi.

So, that's, what, a savings of $310.00, right there. And, we haven't even talked about the shoes I didn't buy, which you can for darn sure bet clock in at another couple hundred.

I don't usually do flats unless it's a running shoe or riding boot, but these Antik Batik Porter Tong Brass Beaded Sandals (currently at Piperlime for $200) are to die for. With whipped cream and one of those weird ass pink cherries on top (but no nuts). The perfect shoe in which to frolic along the beach in Malibu to the background sounds of breaking surf and Fleetwood Mac's Rumors and me without a care in the world except how in the heck fire am I going to pay for it all.

Oh, wait! I don't have to pay for it because I didn't buy it! Wow. Virtual shopping is going to save me soooooooo much money.


Heather Cherry said...

Nice, Moy! Isn't this fun? I LOVE that collar necklace.

Hey, email me at about your swap site idea.

Margo said...

Fabulous choices, moi. I'm going to be thinking of Rumours and Stevie Nicks all day and pretend I'm wearing those shoes with a cherry on top! Thanks for playing :)

Aunty Belle said...

I almost cain't comment--by updated browswer has the comboxes all weirded out such that I cain't figger whar' to write! ARGGHH!!

BUT, as to
virtual shopping sprees--what a frabjous idea!! WOW.

....and J. Crew has come up in the world--whoa, that dear lit'l dress is a afar cry from the rugby shirts of old J.Crew.

WHat will ya do wif' all that money ya saved? Ahahahahaha!

Uh...true confessions: I done went on a day spree yesterdy wif' three other ladies down to Vero Beach--posh boutiques and such --we lunched at the newish Gloria (Estefan? Estafan? Whatever that singer's name be). Lobster cobb salat was OK...but the grilled salmon and applewood bacon sandwich wif mild aloi sauce--worth it!

Ahyhow, I seen amazin' shooz, but only manage to git a new Oka to wear out in the garden--heh, but they's SO cute with a bird in a bush carved into the sole--each step ya take ya leave a bird in tree imprint.

I hopes all y'all is havin' a glorious Saturday--so purty here tha it'll make yore heart skip.

Le sigh.

Aunty Belle said...

Wait--did I mention that hardly a one of us made a purchase? We had a good time, but we all kept a tight clutch on our meager assets. Hence, I can git down wif this virtual shoppin' thang. Thanky Moi, Cherie.

Boxer said...

Oh, oh, that necklace? I've been staying away from the stores, so I'm not sure if this post is good for me, because it's whetting my appetite. I think I'm love. When did JCrew start making cool jewelry? Have I been in a cave? A HOLE??

If I show up in June wearing that, will you kill me? :-)

And I also love the shoes you didn't buy. This is like a Moi Fashion Post, but not. Great idea.

Aunty Belle said...


Boxer "show up in June"...

Doris Rose said...

you do have an eye for style. Maybe you should offer your services as a style /personal consultant, I can can think of several who might benefit...just saying.

moi said...

Heather: Done!

Margo: I'm totally diggin' anything '70s lately. Is that wrong?

Aunty: Wow, kudos to you for not purchasing a single thing. And, yes, J Crew has come a long way, baby!

Boxer: And let's not forget J Crew's fabulous cashmere. I crave it like some people crave ice cream. I think Pirate has a leetle bit of a problem, too. She'll show up eventually to talk about it . . .

Doris: Getting paid to shop? You betcha!

Boxer said...

I would truly benefit from some Moi Fashion Lessons. I am hopelessly "Seattle" ... meaning..... yes, we all DO dress like we're on a camping trip.


czar said...


Because I do think you run the world on some level, and because you have the talent to do so, I beg you to invent another word for "meme." (Nothing personal.) I am really tired of all words in general these days, but that's the one at the top of my list.

It was coined in the 1970s, though, so I guess it fits.

moi said...

Boxer: Oh no! Do I sense Fashion Frustration? Hang on . . . help is coming.

Czar: The origin of "meme" is actually quite fascinating and, I fear, it is one of those words for which there simply isn't a synon . .
synim . . substitute. But once I get over this tequila hangover, I'll give your challenge some serious thought.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

that is a goddamned tragedy. through and through.

except for your wallet.