Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mute Monday: Clean


Boxer said...

*sigh* So pretty. And yet, no where for dust to hide.

No thanks. There's a reason why I have oriental-design carpet. it hides everything!

Happy MM and Happy that-other-thing. :-)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Hmmmm - funny how they can spend all that money and make it look like a doctor's surgery done up in cheap white formica!


Guess I've just seen too many architect-designed houses that cost the earth but actually look quite cheap when you analyse the kitchen unit doors etc.

I could design you something far nicer and more unique Moi - and possibly even still standing/looking good 100 years later!

TROLL Y2K said...

I like the interiors. Looks like my Cave, not a doctor's office!

Happy Mute Monday and that-other-thing!

Heather Cherry said...

Happy you-know-what!

I wouldn't want to have to clean this business here either. Pretty, though.

fishy said...

Beautiful photographs! Really gifted photographers as it is extremely difficult to photograph white on white interiors. "Pristine" came to mind with each image, so you really captured "clean" for me.
Post is up at the Pond.

fishy said...

Me again, back to wish you a
Happy Birthday and a blessed year :-)

moi said...

Boxer: There are many things I wuv in theory. But which would make me run screaming into the hills in reality.

Poet: I know exactly what you mean. "Check the seams" I always say.

Troll: Thank you, dahlink. And if your cave looks like that? Half-blind date should be mighty impressed right about now.

Heather: Can you imagine? One month in and I'd be going majorly Joan Crawford on everyone's ass. Oh, no. This kind of decor is for when you Lady of Leisure it and have a cleaning service on speed dial.

Fishy: I am very attracted to the Zen calm of it all. But I guess the same thing can be achieved with minimalist interiors of wood and stone and other materials that "absorb" the dirt :o) And thank you for the best wishes! It was a great day.

czar said...

Clean = White. Think about it. God knows there's enough professors out there making hay about this concept, and thank god they keep publishing books.

Sounds like you have a what-have-you occurring. Well, happy whatever-it-is.

Gnomeself Be True said...

My favorite white interior would be the inside of a cottage by the beach. All white painted wood and window light. White sheets and light drapes.

chickory said...

kinda of antiseptic clean. like a richard meier building. happy MM! tomorrow is a good day! yay! make it a terrific one and know that your my sixter from another muther and a big xoxox

Doris Rose said...

my dogs would LOVE those play gounds!

Bear said...

Happy MM and happy birthday, Moi.

pamokc said...

I'd take any of those rooms. Reminds me of that old survey about a white room and whether you feel like it is heaven or hell.

Happy MM and Even Bigger HAPPY BDAY wishes.

Buzz Kill said...

Very clean and "sterile". Not my cup-o-tea but a great MM interpretation.

Happy MM!

Kiki said...

Nicely done. Not too Spartan, but so very Architecture Digest-y. I feel calm looking at it all.

Blanche DuBois said...

You might have added the Beatles White album. Ya know, white is to clean, apple records Moi the whole connection going on and ending up where the end and beginning meet.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Happy Birthday!!

Nan-Nan said...

Hi Moi-

Loved the pix! My fave was the "outdoor room", surrounded by glass letting the outdoors in on both sides. How serene was that?!? Lovely interp of MM. :)

moi said...

Czar: Your comment just reminded me of something. Remember the Springfield book we both worked on? The instructions to "color" it up? Bwahahahahahaha!

Gnome: And then the dogs come romping in with paws full of sand and the spaghetti sauce splatters on the walls and the wine spills on the floor.

Chicory: Or Donald Judd's cubes. I still remember your lesson on minimalist art from February. I'm trying, I'm trying!

DorisRose: A veritable dawg CANVAS!

Bear: Thanks! Twas a splendid day.

Pam: Kind of a design sensibility Rorschach test.

Buzz: I'm attracted to it theory. In practice, I'm not sure I could keep it up.

Kiki: Hey, nice to see you! Yes, there is something very restful about all that expanse of white, isn't there?

Blanche: I like the way your brain works. Connections inside of connections, always coming back to being . . . all about MOI!

Gnome: Thanks! And thanks for letting Penny come to da paw-ty. I think Ivan has a new crush.

NanNan: Welcome to Mute Monday and thank you!

Vixen said...

None of those look remotely like my house. LOL

happy Monday!

Aunty Belle said...

Sigh...lovely. But I cain't live in it--so clean I'd feel myself was dirtying up thangs!!

It's yore birf'day? Ho baaaaaby!

We'unds wish the best, and want a full report!

Happy MM!