Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Word By Any Other Name

Would do much better than "muffin."

There are words I adore – "eclectic," "bling," "eBay," "Corvette Stingray," and "do you want wine with that?", to name just a few.

But muffin? I hate even thinking the word. It's just never up to any good. Consider: "Muffin Top." Which is what you get when you are over 30 and the only exercise in which you indulge involves a slo-mo trudge back and forth to the refrigerator for your fifth hit of Ben and Jerry's that evening alone, and you're doing it, not in your bathrobe or some such other cover up, but in one of those candy apple pink belly cropped tops that's two sizes way too small but who cares, it was on sale. At Hollister. Yew.

However, being as I also bake, there is no way to fully escape the dreaded M-Word when I get a hankering for something other than cupcake/cookie/cake/pie/mousse. So if you like 'em too, head on over to the baking blob where I try once and for all to answer the age old question when embarking upon an afternoon of M-Word baking:
Butter or Oil?


Wicked Thistle said...

Butter. Butter, butter, butter. That's how we Suth'ren type gals do it. But seriously...butter.

iamnot said...

You can use oil?

Anonymous Boxer said...

Buttery butter.


Good butter.

No oil. Except when making a crappy cake mix and I KNOW you don't do that.

moi said...

Obviously, the masses have spoken – butter it is. (Yes, Iamnot, you can use oil. But only if yer a hippie :o) )

Doris Rose said...

me want MUFFIN!!
with BUTTER.


The Poet Laura-eate said...

But blueberry muffins are one of your finest exports!

I'd never heard of the 'muffin top' applied to the human body though. Is it worse than 'bingo wings?' (ie flabby upper arms)

Not that you've anything to worry about on either score with all that running of course!

EmmaK said...

ooh....i can't wait. I'm gonna make your muffins and increase my muffin top by 25%

The Troll said...

Cool. I'll try the Lemon Poppy Seed recipe one of these days.

moi said...

Poet: Good to know we Yanks are known for something positive! Muffin top. Google it. Click "Images," and be prepared to be horrified.

Emma: Surely, you jest. About your muffin top, I mean.

Troll: As part of Moi's Easy Peasey Steps to Introduce Troll to Girls, I hope.

Meghan said...

Mmmmmm... moo-ff-in-s.

Though butter seems to be the choice fat, walnut oil is absolutely divine.

ThursdayNext said...

I am in the iamnot mindset - I had no idea you could even use oil!