Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Boys Allowed

(Unless you're into this kind of thing.)

(Or, who says there's no good porn for women?)

Oscar, you can do no wrong. A flirty skirt shoe for sure. And in the fall, with tights and slacks. See, how practical I am? Always thinking ahead to future outfits. And, as always with high heels, you get in a jam, you just take them off, flip them over, and they become quite an effective weapon.

* * *

Ah, these. I love them simply because they exist. And because they come from the Church of Christian Louboutin, never mind what was most likely in the Kool-Aide that day at the design table. Plus, I bet SHE could really get her Icelandic Warrior on wearing these. If she keeps off the ice.

* * *

Hello, Central?
Is there any better way in which to channel your inner Rosalind Russell
than with a retro suede t-strap?

I don't think so.

* * *

Finally, the most gorgeous blue suede shoes in the universe.
I want to marry them and make beautiful blue suede shoe babies.


Doris Rose said...

In a world of beauty and design they are ingenious; in the practical world of physiology =injury in progress.
Koolaid, nyuk, nyuk.(probably borrowed something from Walt Disney)

Wicked Thistle said...

Interesting, I just read a mystery about a man killed by a stiletto heel. Coincidence? I think not. Do I need to start doing welfare checks on S.B.? Hmm??

The Troll said...

I can't tell if that a woman's leg in a bizarre stocking or a piece of wood in that pic.

Need your input in an IMPORTANT Troll Poll!

ThursdayNext said...

ok those blue suede babies are so beautiful i want to CRY.

moi said...

Doris: Well, yes, I am resigning myself to the fact that many objects of beauty remain just outside of my sticky clutches. Johnny Depp. 1965 Corvette Roadsters. Pulled pork sandwiches every day for lunch.

Wicked: No. Actually, S.B. rarely pisses me off. It's more like studying some strange creature in its native jungle habitat. Coupled with lots of deep breaths and la, la, la, la, la's.

Troll: Woman's leg in a bizarre stocking. Do not go on your next date without consulting me first, 'kay?

Thursday: A woman after my own heart :o)

Anonymous Boxer said...


All. So. Pretty.

I'm crazy about those retro pumps and was just looking for a pair last week..... without a KILLER high heel... but then, what's the point, right?

The search is still on.

anyhoo - thanks for a fashion post.

NYD said...

Shes without pretty feet in 'em are a waste of time.

moi said...

AB: Naturalizer makes some nice styles now that are lower in the heel, more comfy, but still have that va-voom look to 'em.

NYD: That's entirely a dude thing. We ladies can window shop.

Meghan said...

Ooooooh... that retro suede t-strap is simply divine. Yet, just thinking about wearing any one of those pairs of shoes right now made me fall on my face.

Leigh said...

love, love ,love this post!

You are so clever....and loved the pics!