Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mute Monday: Aroma/Scent

Me trying to remain mute on the topic of aroma/scent is like me refusing a second helping of cake. Or a third. Near impossible. But I'll try.



I know. It's getting out of hand.


Charnita's Xpressions said... my favorite scent...also on my MM.
What are some other fav perfumes?
Great pics.
Happy MM. or SS.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Yay! The bottles are here!! And I love your favorite things to put in those bottles.. including sweat and dogs. Lovely.

Happy Happy MM.

moi said...

Charnita: Amarige - word. Right now, I'm really grooving on the Estee Lauders: Youth Dew (buttoned up bombshell), Bronze Goddess ("if you like pina coladas . . ."), Beautiful for Men (a yummy changling), and Azuree (like the interior of a 1980s Mercedes Benz SL series convertible).

AB: See that red egg shaped thing? Kingdom by Alexander McQueen: underarm sweat, lemon, jasmine, ginger, vanilla, and rose. A perfect Boxer smell :o). I'll decant you some if you're interested.

The Troll said...

Okay, colored-smoke is officially cool. I looked it up. Neat pics!

Happy Mute Monday!

czar said...

at bonnaroo my ever-observant 15-year-old commented that secondhand marijuana smoke was a far preferable aroma to secondhand tobacco smoke. now there's an interesting parenting moment. but, hell, we were at bonnaroo. some thing's don't need to be said.

Vixen said...

Great pics!!! This has been a great theme!


Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh, I would be honored!

Aunty Belle said...

The saddle! Leather smells so...immediate.

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

Course, it coulda been a leather PURSE, MOI, mah Dear.

having my cake said...

Im not sure about wet dog but I love the smell of a leather saddle and we have at least one other picture in common there :)

Gypsy said...

Aunty and I seem to agree on many things when it comes to aromas. I also love the smell of a good leather saddle. Throw the horse in too and you have perfection.

Happy Mute Monday.

moi said...

Troll: Mostly, it's campfire smoke I like and fresh tobacco, but I really liked this pic.

Czar: Children. Can't live with them. Can't invade their trust funds. Seriously, thanks for popping back in to visit, dude.

Vixen: Back at cha!

AB: Will do!

Aunty: That's the perfect description. One of my favorite perfumes, Caron's Tabac Blond, boasts a leather that smells like the interior of a handbag – reminds me of when I was a kid and used to go rummaging through my mother's stuff. I couldn't find a good photo and was too lazy to shoot my own, but you got it spot on!

Cake: Ooo goody! I'll go see now!

Gypsy: Ja, I like the way all animals smell, too. Well, except maybe stink beetles.

Anonymous said...

The smell of leather is just yummy...Happy MM!

SeaRabbit said...

Wow! Huge collection... I probably have only 2 or 3 perfumes only... I'm impressed!!!
Happy MM!!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Great idea Moi. However I still can't quite conjure up the overall aroma of this perfume.

I recommend a 'scratch 'n' sniff' blog next...?

Thanks for not making it a quiz though - I really am rubbish at quizzes.

ThursdayNext said...

I think that the wet dog is a unique smell and I love that you placed it on the list! It does remind me of warm summer days with a hose and my old pooch having some fun!

EmmaK said...

I love the smell of fresh tar too...I thought I was crazy.

I currently love Insolence by Guerlain but also love Dior's Hypnotic as soon as I dab it on I'm randy as hell...what perfume has a similar effect on your libido?

moi said...

Kate: Yup, leather in all its incarnations!

Searabbit: I'm kinda a scent whore. Once you get started down the path, look out . . . It's tougher to quit than cigarettes.

Poet: I hate quizzes. If faced with one in a waiting room, I will deliberately jot down all the wrong answers so as to appear as bat shit crazy/lovelorn/dumb ass as possible for the next poor idiot who comes along.

Thursday: Dog-in-sunbeam is a pretty good smell, too.

EmmaK: If you like fresh tar, try Bulgari Black: tar, cement, tea, and Barbie Doll plastic accord with lots of vanilla. My fave sex scent? Caron's Tabac Blond, hands down. One of the world's great let's roll in the hay NOW frags. Oh, and then there's the utterly bizarre and oh-so-skanky Gucci EDP.

Raven said...

LOl! Wet Dog! There's nothing like the smell of a wet dog! *G*

Great MM. :D

Wicked Thistle said...

Girl, I have *seen* you with a carrot cake, so I understand the deep restraint you were practicing here. Great pics, they really perked up my olfactory sense.

Doris Rose said...

Scent has always been important to me and continues to evolve(especially since your introductory *class*). Right now-Ecume de Rose that you selected, tres bien.

moi said...

Raven: I've always liked the smell, too. It's just so, playful :o)

Wicked: Darn. Now I'm Jonesing for carrot cake again. I wonder what the lovely couple did with the leftovers? Hello?

Doris: I know, that's so simple and achingly elegant. What you think about the vetiver?

NYD said...

That leathe ought have been the car seat of a Masseratti Quattro, YUM.

4711......Hmmmmm memories.

All in all some very nice imagery.