Friday, March 14, 2008

Prostitutes Out of Women; Sissies Out of Men

Other than Troll, who jumps on the latest pohleetikal brouhaha quicker than a flea on the backside of a hound dog, none of Moi's blobby friends have addressed the latest gub'ment sex scandal.

So I guess I'll put my particular spin on it.


What is the big freakin' deal?

Good gawd, Party People, we're all running around with our mouths hanging open in the kind of righteous indignation we should be saving for the fact that, oh, our money is no longer tethered to anything of value and, oh, it's the 21st century and our leaders are still pandering to the victim mentality. But, really, are you surprised that sex and money and power and politics continue to go together like stinky cheese on French bread and that our money is being used in the service thereof?

Are you still surprised that behind every scumbag of a man is a woman with Neiman's bills stacked to high heaven who's thinking, "I'll hang in there just long enough to either A. Give him the benefit of the doubt (darn, those pesky marriage vows), or B. Give my lawyer enough time to sue the fucker for everything he's got. Then I'm running off with Jambor, the tennis pro."?

If so, what sandlot you been burying your Barbies in?

Really, how else is someone whose face looks like it was designed specifically to screw itself up in disgust over society's gamblers, fornicators, and pushers (the man's nickname is the Steamroller), gonna get laid by a 22 year old hottie with dreams of being the next Britney Spears if he doesn't pay for it? It ain't his sparkly personality at work here. At least Bill Clinton could turn on the charm. So, he blows his wad on a 5 bazillion dollar 'ho instead of the Wal-Mart special down da block. No surprise there.

Hey, I'm all for firing his happy ass. I'm all for demanding with pitchfork at breast an ethical code of behavior from our leaders. But I don't for one minute think I'm gonna get it. Not without a fight.

Power corrupts.



The Troll said...

We agree that Spitzer's a scumdog and should've been fired had he opted to try and stay. And that folks shouldn't be surprised by this sort of thing.

My sympathies are with the dozens of honest businessmen who had their lives ruined by Spitzer as he rose-to-the-top of the dung heap with his "Screw the Rich" populist tactics.

iamnot said...

I only care because it's fun to watch the destruction of a person that lives for power.
It's extra fun when they do it to themselves in such an incredible way.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Wow, I used that EXACT phrase at dinner with friends last night... "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" - it was the end of my rant that The Today Show chose to feature two of the Hooker's "Hommies" over you know... REAL NEWS and why everyone is more concerned about a 22 year old hooker than the fact that I just spent nearly $60.00 to fill my effing gas tank?
The guy paid for his sex with his own money, so other than being just plain stoopid, he's done far worse in other parts of his life. (as Troll points out.) He clearly believes he's above the law.. in more ways than one.

I'm so done with it.

Oh, and Happy Friday.

moi said...

Troll: A scumbag and a hypocrite. That's two mints in one!

iamnot: He's like the serial killer whose crimes escalate to such Baroque levels, he can't help but get caught. Dumb ass.

AB: S.B. saw the hooker's hommies on the Today Show. Sparked one of his famous Breakfast Rants. Oy. What a Brave New Kult-Cha.

mean dovey cooledge said...

"......Really, how else is someone whose face looks like it was designed specifically to screw itself up in disgust over society's gamblers, fornicators, and pushers ...."

i agree.

ive seen polish crested's with more sex appeal than this dumb cock.

upset waitress said...

I don't think it's fair that he gets to resign on St. Patty's Day. What kind of shit is that?

Wicked Thistle said...

You know, in some countries this sort of behavior would be *expected.* What stands out so glaringly to me is that he was stoopid enought to think that no one would notice he was hiring a hooka. Why do these politicians (hello, Senator Craig) continue to believe that they WON'T GET CAUGHT??! Frickin' idjits.

moi said...

Mean Dovey: Welcome to Moi's blob and thanks for the drive by. Heck, I've met cockroaches with more appeal.

Upset: Well, it's gonna be green beer and thick-thighed wimmen for 'im from here on out. May as well get an early start.

Wicked: I heard someone say, "Big Ego." I like stoooopid idjit better.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

It's amazing how politicians don't seem to give a fig about their credibility or how they'll be remembered any longer. Which isn't to say they didn't have tons of affairs in the past, but any attempt at discretion seems to have gone completely out the window now.

You would have thought that having such monstrous EGOs, and scrabbling long hours over all those bodies to get to the top, their EGO alone would dictate, Hey I'm really going to do something self-agrandising here - like change the country, and I'm not going to get my weakness for hookers (hi or low class) ruin my chances!

NYD said...

I'm not so sure that power corrupts. I believe that it is those who are corruptable that are attracted to it.
That is why so many of our "leaders" are weak and both morally and ethically misalligned.

NYD said...

Oh yeah, the dickhead was gung ho about toughening and enforcing new lesgislature for the exact thing he is being accused of.

I love the irony of him being hoist on his own petard.

moi said...

Poet: You'd think, huh? Why not take all that energy and self satisfaction and use your super powers for good instead of evil? Amazing.

nyd: Excellent point. Kind of in the same way "guns don't kill people . . . " I get cha. Oh, the irony abounds here. It's a virtual bubbling cauldron of the stuff.

Meghan said...

I think it says even more about us as a culture that the ho's picture and life "story" was THE TOP story on

I mean really... I think people are just waiting, WANTING this shit to happen.

Anonymous said...

That guy has a scary jaw.

If i was a prostitute, i think i'd say no, on account of his scary jaw.

No amount of money would make closing the door on a room with me and that jaw in it worthwhile.

Bunny said...

I used to admire Spitzer, so his downfall is particularly galling to me. To throw away his reputation for a little hide the sausage (sans casing) with SEVERAL expensive hos (even at a few thousand a pop, it still takes a lot of pops to get to $80,000) is just ridiculous.

You don't see females in the public eye throwing their lives away for a little nooky.

moi said...

Bunny: You don't see females in the public eye throwing their lives away for a little nooky.

A most excellent point, and one not made yet. But you are, by gosh, correct.

moi said...

gullybogan: Welcome and thanks for dropping by. And for making Moi laugh and laugh and laugh at the image of Spitzer's predatory jaw!

czar said...

Bunny: You don't see females in the public eye throwing their lives away for a little nooky.

Ummm . . . other than high school teachers? Maybe that's not "public eye" enough, but I think that there's more than a little self-selection here -- that the women who are in that more exalted public eye value it on a different level than the men who have reached that level of accomplishment. Also, I think there's a lot to do with sexual mores and what's appropriate for each sex. Most men, given the opportunity, could throw down with just about any attractive total stranger without either party saying a word. I am given to understand that most women are not exactly the same. Are men pigs? Certainly (and I am one). I've been married almost 21 years and have never so much as kissed another woman in that time, though I've looked at thousands, often with my wife right there. It's a joke with us. Are women more discreet? Certainly. But boy, I'd love to see some female family-values senator or representative get caught in a tryst with the gardener.

moi said...

czar: Certainly, I think it's a matter of women being wired differently. And, down through the ages, we haven't been by and large the power holders. So we haven't learned to equate power over others with nookie. It's biological and cultural.

As for the teacher/student thing, well, that's what, a handful of cases that have gone public in the past 10 years versus one every five seconds in the poleetikal arena?

czar said...

So we haven't learned to equate power over others with nookie.

Well, maybe not in the public sphere. On my trip to Utah, the river guide told me that his mother -- not previously given to blunt language -- sat him down when he was 18 years old, and said, "Son, pussy rules the roost, and don't you forget it."

moi said...

Well, not that we can't be obnoxious about it in public. I mean, look at Catharine the Great. Or Madonna. But really, for every one of them, there's a bazillion Spitzer's.

Okay, how about this: y'all's biology wants to run around and populate the planet so you look for the youngest, cutest (i.e. most fertile) looking gals with which to do it.

Our biology wants to shop at Neiman's.

Misbehavior of this sort occurs when neither of the sexes keeps those impulses in check. And what precipitates that misbehavior is political power (among other kinds).