Thursday, March 27, 2008

If Wishes Were Horses We'd All Eat Pie

In response to the Troll's challenge to come up with a pie to celebrate Secretariat's birthday on Sunday, March 30th, I submit to you Moi's all-time favorite.

But you'll have to head over to Da Baking Blob to see it.

Go now. It's Thursday. What else are you gonna do?

Make pie, not war. Or ugly shoes.


Meghan said...

But, which is worse? War or ugly shoes? Tough one.

That pie looks divine. And, not too hard to make. This pleases me.

she said...

that's a beautiful photo of the Great One! im gone to see about the pie.......

Old Knudsen said...

But its a horse, you make pies out of horses not for horses.

moi said...

Meghan: It's totally easy/peasy. And you can make it in your bare feet.

She: So easy, you can make it while painting!

Knudsen: Howdy and welcome, Señor. Tell it to Troll. I only do as asked.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Phew that's a relief - I thought it was going to be Horse Pie after the photo!

Sounds delicious (the birthday pie, that is). I shall pop along to my local supermarket and see what they have in the way of poor facsimile pies.


Anonymous Boxer said...

ru-roh, Old K visited.

Wash your hands immediately, Moi.

moi said...

Poet: Horse pie. Tastes like chicken. Snigger.

AB: Hmmm . . . I think all Old K. needs is a little retail therapy.