Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lazy Ass Excuse for a Blog Post #4 Bazillion

I have been wanting to do an "I hate PETA" post for like a bazillion years now, but this one really does all my work for me. If you give money to any animal cause, please, please, please send it to an animal WELFARE group and not, gag, one that positions itself as animal RIGHTS.

Click here for the difference (my, I'm bossy today).

And then here as to why PETA needs a brand new bag.


ChiliLady said...

what does the ad on the left say? "Church is not enough?"
lol, and I hate Peta too...

Anonymous Boxer said...

ALL of my money goes to local shelters that use the money to actually help the dogs. And/or I actually buy what they say they need (printer/etc.) and deliver it myself. I have my company make dontation boxes and I give those away for free to any small animal rescue because that allows them a way to generate their own money.

You must have read the story last week about what has happened to Vic's dogs? To see those beautiful animals safe and able to love and be loved brought me to tears. Reading these articles you've linked.... makes me cry too.. but for the wrong reason.

I'm not bossy today :-) but clearly fired up.

I need coffe.

moi said...

With the bazillions of dollars PETA's got in their war chest, they could establish a shelter in every major city in the U.S. But what do they use it for? Adverts. Not shelters. Adverts. Of nekkid Pamela Anderson and her ridiculous boobs.

Meh. I am SO not impressed.

What does impress Moi is all the positive pittie attention from the normally hysterical media. Totally awesome.

upset waitress said...

Oh girl I just railed on PETA. And I don't want to do it on your blog too hahaa. Them rich ass hippies. Pffft.

Anonymous said...

I rescue senior dogs and PETA can kiss my...well, you get the idea. I am with Anonymous boxer, I donate off of wish lists, that way I know my gift is useful and timely.

moi said...

Hey, we be the Anti-PETA League! And if Newkirk don't like it, we'll sic Anonymous Boxer on her.

Good on ya, Kate, for helping the seniors. They have a special spot in Moi's heart, them old dogs.

Melissaria said...

Further to my comment about Staffies in the UK, I found this's a sorry state of affairs.