Thursday, June 28, 2007

Recipe for Disaster

Why would pro wrestler Chris Benoit murder his wife, his son, and then kill himself?

Here's one theory, courtesy of S.B.:

Start with: one pro wrestler who becomes famous for extreme forms of behavior marginally recognized as a sport but which is really just dumb-ass spectacle for twelve years olds (literally and figuratively).

Add: a gradual addiction to the accompanying attention and fame.

Mix with: a raging addiction to steroids and perhaps a slight mental illness masked by the extreme forms of behavior demanded by the industry.

Blend in carefully: a viewing public with an average I.Q. below that of, say, a door mouse (no insult to the door mouse intended) who rewards increasingly extreme forms of behavior.

Fold in: career decline and the pressure of having to give up the spotlight in favor of the "real world."

Sprinkle with: the normal shit that happens to us all on an every day basis.

Bake: for 22 years in a 500 degree oven until the mixture bubbles over.

And there you have it: yet another titillating bit of "news" to keep our minds off what is really going on in this country, like, perhaps, the creeping beginnings of a nasty-ass inflationary period and, oh yeah, the Iraq war. Ho, hum.


BOSSY said...

Such a coincidence: the recipe for making Bossy is so similar, except Wrap in Bacon.

Meghan said...

I about puked when Rick shared this bit o' news with me (when it first broke on CNN).

Can't these people just kill themselves first, please?

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

OMG. He is huge and toofless.

His appearance does not make him a sympathetic character.

I'm just sayin'.