Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Still Pissed

Affordable For Whom?

Not just California. It's everyone I know. EVERYONE. Being dropped and being forced to pay more for less.

Biggest scam ever.


Karl said...

Afternoon Moi,

Apparently it's going on all over the country. Every report I've read has put the cost of the plan's well over what was estimated and many people are having cancellations because of compliance issues. That they won't shut this fiasco down is unbelievable.

I was talking to a friend who works at NIH in the IT department. He estimated that 20 people and about $500,000 could have produced a website that would work for what they needed to do. He and his colleagues are totally baffled at how they screwed this up so bad. Other than the obvious. The top managers of the program: Secretary Sebelius and President Obama.

Anonymous said...

Hi Moi,

Yeesh. It is as bad as we all feared. It is going to be worse for a lot of people, and no better for those "uninsured" who they said this was for.

On another note, bought a common little gascan lately? OSHA apparently required a redesign to make them "spill proof". Now you can't get the lid off the self-closing spring-loaded spout, it takes enough pressure to retract the spout enough to pour that you are guaranteed to spill gas all over what your filling, and to top it off, the cap leaks! Hold onto your old gas cans, and start going to garage sales if you want to store gas and be able to pour gas.

But I really stopped in Moi, to say come join us at Serendipity for Haiku Monday.

moi said...

Karl: Obama isn't a leader; he's a big blame-placer. And all he says over and over is that he "knew nothing" about anything. Isn't he the freakin' PRESIDENT?

Serendipity: Thankfully, we have plenty of old gas cans :o) Sorry I missed HM; really busy these days, working to pay the man—and rabble rouse.

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Aunty Belle said...

and now? A bigger mess. What a freak that man is

Doom said...

Moi, I am up with the contest. Hoping to get people back in the game.

I hate to become a spambot, but... I'm actually pretty good at it. If I wouldn't keep changing it for every recipient. Won't you lend a poor fool your art?

Anonymous said...


It's Serendipity.

I stopped to let you know we have a brand new host for Haiku Monday this week. Nancy is at http://nrhatch.wordpress.com/

Come join us. We miss your wit!