Thursday, December 19, 2013

Still Here. Still Pissed.

I used to think limited government was the answer. Now I think NO GOVERNMENT is about the only logical next step.


Doom said...

The problem is that anarchy is always deposed by those who create it or have the best arms, most troops, or whatnot. Anarchy is but a moment, to be lost to people like Napoleon or Hitler. Just read it in the details. Lenin, for example, rose to the top by being more ruthless than the other ruthless thugs. Only to probably be murdered by Stalin, who was just as ruthless only slightly more clever.

There is no such thing as anarchy, not for long. Of course, about as close to a long drawn out session of it that I could find was the French Revolution. Choose it if you must. And I do understand. But, yes, anarchy leads to hell, usually the hell of tyranny.

I wish, as you, that there was a short-cut. There just isn't. It's ugly or uglier, there isn't a beautiful governmental dame to dance with in the whole lot. Take the smallest, least vindictive, humblest, stupidest one, then pray she doesn't get smart, or think she has become smart. She never will be, but thinking she is makes her extremely dangerous.

moi said...

Yes, I struggle with everything you just mentioned. But as long as we're talking utopias--whether a progressive's dream of a world in which everyone is equal or a conservative's dream of a world in which everyone behaves, then I'm going to trot out my version of utopia:

A world in which everyone is left alone, and in which people give freely of their time and labor.

Barring that, I suppose I'd settle for most folks coming to the realization that governments are necessarily evils, not problem-solvers.

Doom said...

Oh, no problems here, Sissy. I'm on the same page. I actually believe in that which you discuss. Christ will bring it, right to earth for a while. It's called heaven, but to get to it we will go through hell, on earth. We ain't even close to hell yet. Heaven seems so far away, and few of the faithful will remain of flesh at that time.

So, yeah... just... watch out for the false stairways to heaven. I only say this because... I have to watch myself, not out of judgment. *sweats* My desire to be king is potent. But I know I would fail, no matter my intent. I speak... loosely, roughly, coarsely, vaguely, mind you. But the notions are in there.

Aunty Belle said...

A world in which everyone is left alone?

Sounds divine, trouble is, I reckon, that thar woan be nobody to make others lave ya alone. If ya have what others want, rules of anarchy become brutal-- might makes right. Doom calls it out with the French Rev. Edmund Burke's book showed that to Aunty.

'Bout the best we'uns an do is to build limited gov. Cage it, beat the tar out of whatever piece of growing flesh oozes out between the bars of the cafe. Keep it on a starvation diet.

Of course, I COULD go off on a state's rights rant, bein' as how I is an unreconstructed Southerner. Strong states = weaker Feds.

Aunty Belle said...

Sorry fer typos...grrr.

Doom said...

Hmm? Me too, Aunty, and I taint even a southnr, by birth anywhile. Save that I'm not anything, by birth. Under a rock, I tell ya.

Anonymous said...


I am hosting Haiku Monday this week. Surely you have a survival story you can tell???

Come play.