Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Dreaming of. . . Christmas in Acapulco

This was this past Wednesday morning, after a 9-inch dump of snow.

This was taken a few minutes ago, illustrating our total accumulation over the past week, give or take a few inches that may have evaporated during the 2.5 seconds the sun actually came out late Wednesday.

Almost three feet and counting, y'all. I'm about done. Cooked. Sliced and diced. Thankfully, S.B. made it home under the wire yesterday and can take over snow blowing duties, because my biceps are wet noodles and my mind is dark with thoughts of packing an overnight bag and taking the next flight out to somewhere with a beach and an umbrella drink.

To top it all off, every single client of mine—every. single. one.—has decided that the one working day left before the holiday is the exact right time to clear everything off their desk and dump it on mine. Sweet!

So let this stand as my official Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All My Beloved Blog Homies post. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

Mucho smooches,

It's a Junco Party.
Who could ask for more?
I'd decorate their birdhouse,
But I can't get out my door.


czar said...

Looks like this was the week for bad-document dumps in the publishing world. I've received three copyediting projects in the last three days that have way, way too many instructions -- meaning the jobs will be absolute hell.

Thankfully, though, nothing is due until mid-January.

We've had no snow here yet, which in the past meant a relatively benign winter. During the last few years, if we've had half an inch by around December 1, it seems that it never gets out of the 20s for the next four months. It was 60-something degrees yesterday morning -- and I'm hoping dearly that it holds. Winters are much easier when they are not so wintery.

Happy holidays to you and yours. Maybe we'll get a post from Acapulco.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. Acapulco? It's 75 and Sunny in Troll County. And we have far fewer illiterate machine-gun-toting narco-trafficers.

moi said...

Czar: Fifteen pages of restaurant menus landed in my in-box this morning, begging, pleading for me to do them before the end of the day. You haven't live until you've dipped your toe into the wonderful world of menu copy editing. From hell. (Where's my freakin' Chicago Manual for menus? Makin' it up as I go along, that's where.)

Troll: Are you anywhere near a beach? I need a beach. With powder white sand. And umbrella drinks and snacks. And tennis instructor-types to serve them to me. It's okay if they're gay, we can talk shopping. Speaking of shopping, how's the shopping? Must have shopping.

grins said...

We're in the same storm. Co is no different.

fishy said...

Charleston is at the Beach ... sort of and we have a biggo suite and an adjoining so no one is sleeping on the pull out .....
Peace be with you!

Jenny said...

ruh-roh, I can hear it in your tone... Moi not happy. Sorry!! I actually HATE snow. It's why I love the PNW so much. We get snow maybe once a year and the entire city shuts down. Weeks of snow that won't go away? I would be on that plane with you.

Sending you, S.B., Ivan and Maddie best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. Visiting your amazing world was on my list of fabulous things I did this year. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Best Beach in America according to most Scientific analysis. It was actually 83 today. I don't know about umbrella drinks but you could probably cougarize the kids at IMG Tennis Academy. Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova and Monica Seles are among the alums.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Troll 83 degrees!? Yeesh, sounds like Houston - that place that nearly killed me.

I write happily from -12 degrees here in the Wind River Valley. The only thing resembling a white sand beach here is my yard full of new snow - a lot less that Moi got(by a couple feet).

Moi, can you maybe cut out a couple paper palm trees and pretend you made it to Acapulco? From what I hear they are cancelling flights all over. Can't imagine you want to be stuck in an airport in the blizzard - just sayin'.

Perhaps S.B. could make you a nice rum drink.


moi said...

Curm: Yeah, a Colorado winter is le ultimate winter when it comes to snow dumps. Still, did you get more than I did?

Fishy: And we could swan about in our scarves!

Boxer: Actually, I love a good snowstorm; I just don't love one good snowstorm after the other like this. This gets a wee bit tiresome. And scary.

Troll: Eighty-three degrees? Sniff. I remember 83 degrees. You lucky ducky.

Serendipity: You make a most excellent point about being stuck in airports. Okay, scratch that. Booze. I'll go with booze :o)

chickory said...

lovely winter wonderland...i know its a drag and you might even get some cabin fever, but the photos are a treat -esp. the feeder with Juncos. Merry Christmas!! sorry about the convergence of clients though. i hate pressure at Christmastime!! Oh Mehiko -sounds so sweet i just had to go....

Aunty Belle said...



Do I dare mention it were 85 degrees yesterday? The men all wearin' bermudas? Women in sleeveless tops? The tourists is gettin' they money's worth. Christmas Day forecast is 80.

I'd be happy to give ya an umbrella drink!!

Merry Merry Christmas Moi!! Hug SB from all us bloggers --glad he nicked in the last moment! Toss the pooches an extra treat, an' take the next two days OFF.

Santa will put some snowshoes in yore stockin', I reckon.

Merry merry!

moi said...

Chickory: Yes, that's the plus: it IS beautiful. The sunrises and sunsets after a storm are amazing, too. You have a standing offer to come visit any time it does this. You would dig it majorly, I know.

Aunty: Are you and Troll getting together to clink glasses over your shared great good fortune for a sunny Christmas :o)? Oh, dear Aunty, we have snowshoes galore around here. Santa can bring me something less practical, if you know what I mean.

DeepBlue said...

I wish we had more snow...

OK! I won't turn the blade in the wound!

Have a merry jolly and hopefully sunny Christmas! ;)

moi said...

Jon: The sun is expected to shine for days now. We'll need days, maybe weeks, to make a dent in all this snow. Merry, merry to you and yours and enjoy a wonderful season and happy 2012!

Pam said...

Oooooh, beautiful, but am feeling very lucky that the snow didn't make it this far ... we've been too busy to deal with it! Gorgeous though. Here's wishing you and SB a wonderfully happy Christmas and we'll take that work load as a blessing of sorts. Meanwhile, narrowing down the location of Troll Island could be handy if you plan to visit. Somewhere near Destin maybe?

moi said...

Pam: With your sleuthing skills, you should have it nailed in a few days. Or at least in time for us all to converge on his place next holiday. A Jolly Bloggy Christmas! I envision something along the lines of The Cat in the Hat . . .

Karl said...

Merry Christmas Moi,

Sorry to not stop by sooner. I was listening to the news on Friday talking about how Albuquerque was getting hit particularly bad. It builds strong character.

Your Christmas plans sound like a lot of fun. (from the comment you left a chickory) Hope it turns out to be a great time.

Princess said...

Hi Moi,
Haven't been playing the Haiku lately as thingss have been "quietly odd" around the Palais of late. I've enjoyed playing along and look forward to making a comeback in the near future...

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours....

Sharon Rudd said...

My pre-holiday workweek was pretty much everyone dumping everything on my desk to clear off theirs too. But there's nothing like a 500 mile drive to get me to stop thinking about work :)

Hang in their with the weather - so glad S.B. made it home in time to take over the snow-blowing chores.

Bestest holiday wishes, my dear bloggy friend!
xoxo, eggy

grins said...

Don't know how much we got, but it snowed off and on for three days and didn't go anywhere without four wheel. Merry Christmas. I've been having probs with my blog. If you were going to enter a haiku. the topic is sweet and the post is right below my Christmas pics or if you hit older posts it will pop up. It's Christmas night here and I feel like a roadie for the trans Siberian orchestra. I'll be so glad when I have everything put away and cleaned up.

Aunty Belle said...

Hope youse snuggled and content--

jes' a note that the completed Blogger Christmas Book is at

Happy Boxing Day!!

Aunty Belle said...

Restaurant menus?

But, the important thang is, is the food any good? Git them to toss in a dinner fer two along wif the check.