Monday, December 12, 2011

Haiku Monday: SILVER

Sexy on the gents,

dowdy on the gals? Flip that.

Silver’s the new blond.

* * *

Fishy, aided by her partner in life and love, Blowfish, have come up with this week's Haiku Monday theme of SILVER. If you'd like to play, or just see who is (the entries, as usual, are terrific), head on over to The Pond before midnight tonight.


Jenny said...

If I could have hair that looked like the picture, I'd be all over silver hair. But mine? more battle ship drab than silvery fine.

Lovely haiku. As usual.

Anonymous said...

Put me solidly in the "Women over 40 should NOT wear their hair long" Category. Especially if it's "silver" which is really just gray 20 minutes after conditioning.

Good haiku, though.

moi said...

Boxer: Last time I flew, I sat across from a sixty-ish gal with the most fabulous pixie cut and silver-grey hair color. She was stunning and I told her so. She said it took just as much time and money to keep her grey looking that good as it did to dye it. Bummer.

Troll: With very few exceptions, I agree with you: the higher the age, the shorter the hair. However, you are most likely in the minority as a man. Most men I know hate short hair on women.

czar said...

Emmylou Harris. AOK.

moi said...

Czar: No doubt Emmylou is ageless.

Sharon Rudd said...

A silver lining in those locks if you’re blessed with silver rather than mousy, mottled gray. If it takes as much time and $ to keep up the gray, guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing :)

Happy Haiku Monday!

chickory said...

wow. thats unusual the dark at the bottom and the light silver top. you cannot dye anything gray. my mom had great silvery hair. and it was so soft. Nice cultural examination in only 17 syllables. well done!

moi said...

Eggy: Me, too. I'm not sure my coloring would support silver or grey hair.

Chickory: There are platinum/silver washes that help brighten and deepen the color, but that true white/silver only comes naturally.

Aunty Belle said... long ya' think she spends in the salon to git that silvery mane? Fergitit!!

Ditto what Troll said--an' thas' why I done hacked mine off a few feet when I approached that milepost. But Uncle is still grievin'--'cause ditto wha Moi said 'bout menfolks.

Clever Haiku, Moi.