Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haiku Monday: JOY

Nose to wrist inhales
spring’s symphonic scent. My skin
blossoms, Eau de Joy.

* * *

Fishy is hosting Haiku Monday this week, with a theme guaranteed
to put a spring in your step. Even though it's fall.
Pop on over and join the fun.


Brutha's Round Ghost said...

That's a really fine haiku. A form of expression that is no longer punishable by dismemberment in Omnia, by the way.

I especially liked the notion of spring's scent being symphonic.

Jenny said...

nicely done, Moi. and the visual is perfect too. Beautiful flow to the words.

And, those perfumes went to the right home... they not only are loved and appreciated, they get their own Haikus. :-)

moi said...

Brutha: Yer a good egg, although I would have bitch-slapped Vorbis in the end, had it been me.

Boxer: A fine gift for which I will always be joyously grateful, especially since Eau de Joy is no longer made.




moi said...

Death: You were better in Reeker. Now, that had me until the end.

chickory said...

nice nice nice. i can smell it thru the screen!! hey wait, you cheated! you used your "sense transgressory" ! No fair!! grherhaha

i missed walking dead last night. was it good? at least better?

I saw stephen stills play last night. a bit paunchy - but still can play and very well. loved it. an old crowd. if people stood up - they would yell sit down! until all the idiots up front sat down. do not toy with old farts that want to rock from they asses firmly planted!

happy HM!

moi said...

Chickory: Bwahahahaha to old folk rockers. Very cool to Stephen Stills. "Suite for Judy Blue Eyes" came on the radio on our way home from Old Town on Saturday and S.B. said, "Is this Emerson, Lake and Palmer?" Whaddaya kidding me? No! CS&N! Song is about Judy Collins jilting Stephen Stills. Can you imagine, you dump a guy and he writes this kind of opus to you? Very cool.

No, we didn't watch Walking Dead. TIVOed, in favor of Homeland, which is really good.

czar said...

"S.B. said, 'Is this Emerson, Lake and Palmer?' Whaddaya kidding me? No! CS&N!"

I'd give him some credit. While it's obviously not Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, he knew it was Three White Guys with Commas.

moi said...

Czar: Ah, yes, but it is the SERIAL comma?

czar said...

It's always the serial comma:

moi said...

Czar: I need that on a t-shirt.

Aunty Belle said...

quite fine haiku. I envy yore nose.

Joy has been a staple over the years--sigh. Now? mostly scents closet, lingerie drawer. Trigeminal neuralgia slams wif' vengence when I git a whiff most fragrances, gasoline, cleanin' stuff, or cee-gars. Bummer.

So, youse recommendin' Prachett?
Been meanin' to follow Troll's suggestion.

moi said...

Aunty: I'm heartsick over your trigeminal neuralgia. I seem to remember reading somewhere that experiments with Botox have helped relieve the pain, much as it does with migraines?

As for Joy, what a strange beauty, more the idea of a floral, rather than an actual floral itself. On occasion I can pick out the jasmine or the rose, but mostly, it's pretty seamless. What I get the most from it is a smell I call flower shop that reminds me most strongly of the two years I spent working in one, where everything smelled like cold, damp greenery overlain with florals. Brilliant composition.

Yes, Small Gods is good, and I liked the collaboration he did with Neil Gaiman (Good Omens). Usually, this kind of lit is not my thing, but I liked these two.