Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haiku Monday: VELVET

Dressed for Chill:

Silken velvet's sheen
deftly cut and sewn cocoons.
Winter's lux armor.

* * *

Chickory's hosting this week, so make sure to stop by,
even if you don't play. Velvet's a brilliant theme.


chickory said...

wonderful haiku,,,are you trying to brownnose me with lux armor? grrrhahahaha. Its chilly here this morning and if i wasnt planning on getting dirty, i mightve suited up in velvet.

Anonymous said...

Wow. "deftly cut and sewn cocoons" is great. I'm picturing that model nekkid except for jorts!

moi said...

Chickory: I think you and I share a similar sensibility about clothing/fashion, if not exactly in style, then in purpose. I have always thought about dressing as a form of suiting up, which is pretty difficult to do in the summer. Too much "exposure." Plus, how luxurious is a cotton tee and a flip flop. Puhleeze :o)

Troll: Of course you are. And I'm proposing that you do the right thing and picture her in Daisy Dukes instead.

DeepBlue said...


bleak, dark, etc. said...

winter = luxury = dr zhivago in the ice palace with a kalishnikov

furs and serious footwear

Jenny said...

I love it and thank you for the kick in the velvet pants to write and post a Haiku!

Happy Haiku Monday(Sunday)

brought to you by vodka, Mickey and Mr. Boxer. :-)

czar said...

Interesting model to dress up in velvet, considering the resemblance to

moi said...

DeepBlue: Back at cha. Thanks for jumping into the fray below :o)

Bleak: That sounds like the title of a rock song, "In the Ice Palace with a Kalishnikov." Or maybe a painting?

Boxer: You go with your bad self.

Czar: Whoa. Nico was way more beautiful, though.

pam said...

I'll fight you for that outfit.

moi said...

Pam: Maybe we can have Mickey and Sterling fight for it :o)