Monday, October 3, 2011

Haiku Monday: FOG

Midnight’s fevered squall
mists the desert dawn. Earth shrugs.
Dew’s long gone by noon.

* * *

Curmudgeon was last week's winner,
so head on over there to gawk or post.


Sharon Rudd said...

Love your haiku, and visual. And I didn't know you got fog in the desert.

Take care,

DeepBlue said...

It is true also we rarely get fog in the middle of the day where I live.

czar said...

There are poets and wordsmiths, and then there are the rest of us, who make it look like very hard work or like we haven't worked at all.

Jenny said...

that's one of your best and I hope it doesn't get lost in the fray this week.


I just read it out loud for the second time.

chickory said...

earth shrugs is an excellent kigo (or whatever). what czar said.

czar said...

@chickory: Your stuff is always right up there with Moi's. Consistently there's Moi, Chickory, and Fleur . . . and a cast of thousands.

DeepBlue said...

We cannot be as perfect as you guys!


moi said...

Eggy: We'll get it in the mornings after rain at night. I live on the top of a hill, so when I wake to fog blanketing the valley below, it looks just like the ocean. Beautiful and kind of scary.

DeepBlue: Nope, it's always gone by the time the sun gets full on up. I've been to places where it will fog during the day, though. That's really bizarre!

Czar: That's kind of you to say, but wait until you have to copy edit my latest tome. I just compared an industrial furnace to a kitchen oven. The client is rolling over as I type.

Boxer: Hey, I like the fray! You know me: anarchy rules.

Chickory: Ah, but I cannot rap. Speaking of which, you need to get over to the Fug girls and craft a rap response to Kanye West's newest clothing collection. Horrifying stuff!

DeepBlue: Perfection? No such thing. I'm so glad you started participating; your haiku are consistently beautiful.

czar said...

@DeepBlue: I've seen your comments elsewhere and here. I hope I'm not the one being misinterpreted. It was mostly Moi, Chickory, and Fleur even before anyone else showed up. Between them, they've probably won at least a dozen of these. By a "cast of thousands," I'm very much including myself as well. It's just a cliche.