Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Runway Temporary Snark Station

If anyone's still watching this lame-ass show, it certainly can't be for the design challenges, but for the simple, leg-kicking good fun of watching Joshua roll his eyes and flip his hands and jack the drama to levels so sky high, even Gloria Swanson would be embarrassed.

Oooooo, and how much did you want to hate him when he told Becky point blanket-edly that he is the one who makes clothing people want to buy and she doesn't, but then a second later thought to yourself, "Hmm. Boy's got a point." Sometimes the world just needs people like Joshua to tell it like it is. Even if they do tell it in a tres yucky orange-tanned and faux-Pucci-print-on-discount-in-South-Beach kind of way.

Somewhere, a passel of Jersey Girls are crying their eyelashes off because they just found out Joshua don't swing their way.

But the real howler of the evening was this dress by Bert:

Trust me. You don't want to see it any closer. But if you want to, you'll have to click here, because stoooooooooooopid Project Runway site won't let me snag their photos. Go ahead. I'll wait . . .


About the only thing I liked last night was the jacket Oliver made. Which I also can't snag off the website.

So. Yeah.

Oh, but I do have photos of these guys!

Baby otters! Aren't they cwute? Don't you just want to kiss their widdle faces? (So much better than Project Runway designers.)


Jenny said...

ooooh, I love those little Otters. I was just thinking today I should visit our aquarium because we have the best otters to watch. Especially during feeding time.

Oh.Wait. Project Runway. WTF? It's turned into a reality drama show. Are they competing with the Housewives shows? Or maybe those freaky dance moms? Last night was just horrible. Tim Gunn? Did you really make team Dumbass hold hands? NOOOOOOOOOOO. I do like Joshua's eyebrows. I wonder who does them and your Gloria Swanson reference made me spit out my coffee.

Anyway, I'm much happier with Just Desserts and after last night, I'm not sure I'll be watching PR again . 1.5 hours WASTED and this time I actually stayed awake. I have no idea why.

so, back to those otters. I love them.

fishy said...


would be banned from most schools for "attention seeking behaviors". What a horrible, mean,
whiney, egocentric little wretch. Go home.

Go home.There was more than one fabric to choose from. Why cog the poor girl?

coulda been a contender.

brilliant conceptualizer.
Fast learner.
Combines strength with tolerance.

For this seasons selection committee. Surely they have all been fired?

czar said...

I'll take your word for it.

Anonymous said...

Baby otters rock! I like big otters too.

Princess said...

If only one of them had a small skerrick of actual talent, I'd be a happy man. I'm so over, competing wannabee renovators, interior designers, singers, dancers, cooks, models and 'hem fashion designers.

Does anyone have a bucket? I'm feeling Ill just at the very thought of turning on the TV....

If any of them were any good they would be out there doing what they do already and wouldn't need to desperately scramble aboard these faux reality junkets... Sheeesh.

*dismounts soap box*

moi said...

Boxer: Ooooo, those freaky dance moms are just . . . I can't even GO there. Who thinks up this shit? And why are they getting rich doing it?

Fishy: You and Princess need to get together and write a Good Design Manifesto. And I agree with you about Anya-Ganja-Girl. She is the one to watch, even though I wasn't all that fond of her dress.

Czar: Now, if only you'd take my word for it on Coltrane.

Troll: An ATL client once sent me to the Aquarium as a "perk." I went against my better judgment, because I knew I would have to see those two wonderful otters in captivity and that would depress me for the rest of the day. And, it did. No wild animal should ever be fettered. Extinct is preferable, although I know that's not a popular belief.

Princess: This show must make you terribly spitting mad! Although, I didn't mention that there were actually a few good things to come out of this challenge, like that super cool Oliver-made blazer and that gown, even though it did have a whiff of Calvin Klein cast-off about it.

LaDivaCucina said...

Taking a packing break and came by to say g'day while I grab a snack!


Hooray for baby otters!!! No time to watch PRW (well, I lie, came home exhausted and watched some and thought to myself, what a horrible little queen, she needs to be bitch slapped!) Hate to say it, but I find Just Desserts tres pretentious and BORING too. : ( And like Princess, getting tired of these competitions where everyone is so cut throat, judged and without dignity. GLAD it's not me!

And HOORAY for baby otters! xoxo