Monday, September 26, 2011


Bejeweled and aglow,
Athena-felled swain commands
autumn’s inky skies.

* * *

As last week's winner, Uncle is hosting and judging this week. Over at Aunty's. Who left him in charge of her blog while she travels for business. Which, of course, begs the questions: Who will win this free-for-all Battle Hunter, will there be booze and sandwiches, and will Aunty return to fling plates at Uncle's head? Stay tuned . . .


Jenny said...

Personally, I'm waiting for the reality show of Aunty and Uncle.

love taking the Haiku up to the night sky.

darkfoam said...

ohhhhhhh .. way cool haiku. didn't occur to me at all to take it way up high like that. way to go!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Very poetic lingo. Great minds think alike, but not exactly alike.

Athena's Ghost said...

It was an accident!

Claudine Longet's Undead Ghost said...

Mine was an accident too!

DeepBlue said...

You and Troll were definitely on the same wavelenght, just singing a different tune! Bravo!

I should've thought about Black Holes preying on galaxies and swallowing stars after stars!

Happy Haiku Monday

moi said...

Boxer: I definitely think there's a reality television show there. Definitely. And the world needs to see it!

Foam: Thanks, Foam—right now, Orion's high in the southern sky about 2pm; pretty soon, though, it will rise due east at dusk. One of my favorite autumn sights.

Troll: Right-o. Now, if only our brains intersected more than they paralelled, I'd make you a great big ol' gold-starred cake and consider my work in this regard done.

Athena: You really need to be careful where you point that arrow, missy.

Claudine: You French broads are waaaaaaay more trouble than you're worth.

DeepBlue: Ooooo, black holes and gobbled up galaxies. Nice.