Monday, September 19, 2011

Haiku Monday: DANCE

(Insert goofy photo of you hugging dance partner here:)

Junior High School's dread:
Palms sweat and knees knock. We are
all a Limburger.

* * *

Game's being played over at Czar's this week. Make sure you either play or pretend to do so on T.V.


DeepBlue said...

I didn't go to my graduation party! :/
I like the way some of you spread a phrase on two lines.

Jenny said...

I think I resemble this Haiku.


Welcome home!

czar said...

Only took me a minute to crack the code. I had great faith that word had to mean something in this context. You never disappoint.

Well, no one's gonna be drumming their fingers waiting for the winner this week.