Friday, August 12, 2011

Services Rendered

The privately owned rescue dogs of 9/11. Great slide show.


fishy said...

How great is this!

Every one of those heroes has the same depth of expression. That sense of grave purpose coupled with intellect and courage.

A year or so ago I gave my mother a book about guardian dogs. The premise of the book is God sends guardian dogs to look after people when needed. The stories were mostly about how amazing dogs wandered into the lives of people in need. Since I am one who believes the animals choose the people and not the other way around ... this suits.

Hope you get to take some MoiTime this weekend. Glad you are bizzy cause that means more shoes :-)

moi said...

Fishy: Wonderful work is also now being done with therapy dogs and soldiers returning home with PTSD. Southwest magazine did a great story a few years back about a dog that literally saved a soldier from committing suicide. The why and how of the centuries-old relationship between humans and dogs will never cease to fascinate me. They are truly creatures of depth and grace, even when they eat the furniture.

chickory said...

those were beautiful. all the dogs had that prescient look to them. the first photo is my favorite. there is no more noble creature than DOG. I miss my dogs so much i could die. there are two rhodesian ridgebacks up the street and I have met them already. the owners didnt even flinch when i smelled the fur - pushing my nose deep into the neck fur.

Aunty Belle said...

how awesome is this?? Nuthin' as loyal is thar? Orion can come be our new house dawg.

I'll be buyin' this book--in Granny's honor. She loved any dawgy creachure--an believed dawgs could love as deeply as any human (or more).

Moi (one post back) it weren't all mah fault. I think I'se pushed into that flaky major--Granny had her master's an that Cog B story? it's from the Granny files. Since Freud wuz a devaint of the first order, nuthin' he say swayed leetle Aunty collich girl. ( I wish ya could time travel too--I'd ride along. Heh)

An' to yore point, who does what they studied? Uncle, he be the journalism BA. Go figger how the Poark Rind bidness squares up wif' dat!

@ Chick9. Neck fur sniffin'? GO HOME!

The Poet Laura-eate said...


I tried to train 'Guide Cats' for the blind once.

czar said...

In doing some research to try to keep our mutual client alive, I found that next year (or maybe 2013) is the 100th anniversary of the German Shepherd Society of the U.S. The brothers are in hot pursuit. Keep those Moi-ist fingers crossed.

moi said...

Chickory: I always find substitute dogs when I travel. Or they find me. These days, it's doubly hard on me to leave my dogs, though, what with Ivan being so old.

Aunty: Uncle studied journalism and you ended up the journalist. How's that for fun?

Poet: And that was unsuccessful because the cats kept stealing cheese from the blind folk?

Czar: Here's hoping the B-ster doesn't spell Shepherd wrong. I want that assignment :o)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Nah, the Fire Brigade kept having to rescue blind folk from the top of trees! ;- )

Big Shamu said...

Thank you for that, hadn't run across it. The stoic dignity of elderly dogs never ceases to amaze me. They don't need much but a little love and a job to do but the returns are amazing.