Friday, August 26, 2011

Project Runway Temporary Snark Station

I'm temporarily hosting the Project Runway Snark Station while our usual hostess, Pam in the OKC, is busy rockin' in the free world. All I can say about last night's show is:

Zehr vill be no dissent amongst zuh ranks!

Well, at least everyone was in agreement that this look rocks socks:

I'd wear it in a heartbeat, even with those flat-ass shoes,
and I hate flat-ass shoes.

But, whoa, Nelly. Were The Heidi and I the only people who thought Anthony Ryan should go home? PTSD back to junior high gym school class, seriously, y'all!

Gag me with a dodge ball.

Unfortunately, Michael, Nina, and that Erin Wasson model girl (eat something!) were all, "Nyet! Danielle simply cannot be allowed to make another thing in silk chiffon, ever!" while Heidi was all, "Nein! Project Runway is cut and dried: one day you're in, the next day you're out!"

Sing it, girlfriend.

What sayeth you, the snarkers?


czar said...

Name me one person with attractive knees.

Aunty Belle said...

Groan...I missed it again? Ok, will ck the On Demand slots an' catch up but, honestly? last week was so hideous, who cares about the rest of the season?

@ Czar
not moi (er, me).

sparringK9 said...

this is just the worst group of designers in the history of the show. I hate them all. and that outfit only is good in the context of worse options. I think i could construct something better with my glue gun and felt. depressing. disgusting and worse. a bore. Louis Jordan - sing it to me, mon ami.

moi said...

Czar: A newborn baby.

Aunty: I know, I'm almost about to give up! Poor knees. Regardless of how good one's legs are, they always end up looking like the faces of grumpy old men.

K9: The big fat irony of this season? Mostly great challenges, totally meh responses to those challenges. I have yet to see a single bowl-me-over-with-a-feather outfit. And everyone's so bitchy, too.

Sharon Rudd said...

That running challenge at the beginning of the episode was completely ridiculous to put the designers through. I have no doubt Chick9 could construct something better with her glue gun, although I liked the two winning designs (regardless of who got credit for them?) and thought the those horrific gym shorts mit ugly top - from a team leader, who admitted they were a disaster – deserved das boot!

Had to aargh at the “you’re demographic is ‘40 to dead’ ” comment. Even though it turned out not to be directed at Bert. I doubt I’d like to work with Bert either, but I tend to like some of his stuff (including this week) more than that of some of the other designers.

Moi, are you in for the Bacon Smackdown? (Deadline is 8/31 over at Grumpy Granny’s.) Hoping we can keep a little momentum going for the Smackdown, although I realize some folks are rightfully more focused on Irene heading their way . . .

Stay safe, eat bacon, and hope everyone will check in and let us know they’re ok when they can. This storm could seriously screw with internet connectivity for the rest of us too . . .

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Sadly my knees have never been my best feature - even when a teenager, so I'd never go for anything which highlighted them. As for flat ass shoes, I can't tolerate any other kind, other than the odd kitten heel, and being 5'9" in the first place, I've got far enough to fall!

moi said...

Eggy: I am hoping to be in for the Bacon Smackdown! The press is making a lot of fuss about this storm, but that's what the press does. It's hard to tell just how bad it's going to be, but I hope it's a lot of smoke and no fire.

Poet: I wouldn't mind flat shoes so much if I could find good looking ones. But most designers make them so butt ugly. I like kitten heels and loafers, but ballet flats hurt my feet worse than heels. No support at all and unless one is very tall and willowy, then tend to "stumpify" the average female. Which designers do you like?

fishy said...

Not a designer to be found.
Not a wearable garment either.

Incomprehensible to me there could be two amazing back to back opportunities totally squandered by these nons. These fools forfeited the chance to launch their careers by designing a fantastic new look for fashion insider Nina. Now this week, they have abandoned an opportunity to have one of their designs manufactured and marketed along with products designed/endorsed by Heidi?
These people are deficient!

I say send them home! ALL of them.
Invite back the runner ups from the first 6 seasons to complete this term.

czar said...

@fishy: I don't have any idea what you're talking about -- that is, I have no frame of reference for this discussion whatsoever -- but I love the use of "nons." What a great catch-all.

non said...

I liked that "nons" tag too.