Monday, August 8, 2011

Haiku Mondays: VENEER

Miss Represent

California girls?
Not even their hair is real.
Surface is substance.

* * *

Miss Fleur was our winner last week with another one of her finely honed haiku and so is hosting again this week. Very interesting theme. Should bring out some fun ones.


chickory said...

what we export to the world as "american girl"
great haiku and nod to CL

Anonymous said...

Is she someone famous? Great haiku either way.

moi said...

Chickory: Shame isn't it? Makes a birrka actually look like a good idea in some instances. And no one nails the tragedies of being female in Hollywood quite like CL.

Troll: Heidi Montag. Got famous for doing absolutely nothing, by bouncing around on a semi-reality show called The Hills [of Hollywood]. Had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day to remold her face and body—which was only 23 years old at the time. Now, she and her Svengali/creepazoid boyfriend, Spencer, are busted flat in Fresno.

czar said...

@Troll: One place in which we are firmly together is our blessed ignorance of much popular culture. I had no idea who she was either.

Aunty Belle said...

doan know this chippie.

fabulous Haiku.

Jenny said...

ooh, I'm so sad I know who this is. GREAT Haiku (as usual) I have a hard time looking at this person.

fishy said...

When did distortion become beauty?