Monday, August 1, 2011

Haiku Mondays: WHISTLE

This week's Haiku Monday contest is courtesy Aunty Belle and involves Old School Haiku Rules implemented in the service of the theme of Whistle. I'm facing some majorly tight deadlines and general pissed off-edness at the State of our Dis-Union, but a feisty little critter who nearly dive bombed me on this morning's walk served as nick-of-time inspiration:

Thumb-sized avian's
wing trill tattoos air. Warning!
Hummingbird domain.

Head over to Aunty's for more whistlers-while-they-workers.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Like Master Basho's Ghost, you're always attuned to haiku possibilities from things in nature you encounter.

fishy said...

Last year was the first time I ever realized that sound I heard actually eminated from a hummingbird.
It definitely is not a Huuummmmmm!

Good luck with your deadlines and as always, great haiku.

Aunty Belle said...

now THAT is SOME photo--really coolio, Moi. Very good haiky, too.

BTW, pls tell SB that I had a date wif' Mike on Saturday. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

moi said...

Troll: Master Basho gets dive bombed by hummers, too?

Fishy: It's the broad-chinned hummingbird, I think, that make that sound. I always know summer's on its way when I hear them in the garden or out in the hills.

Aunty: Thanks, Aunty, on both counts. I took that photo last summer. That hummer was SO upset, but the praying mantis held her ground all afternoon.

chickory said...

good. you hit nature, a season and worked in tattoo. wing trill...its a sound unlike any other i know it anywhere. its a low end vibration. and - you got the shot! well done, Moi.