Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Move Clip Wednesday: Rom Com Star

Milk River Madman's topic for this week's MCW is: Pick the romantic comedy you would have like to have starred in and why.

We already know I am allergic to traditional romantic comedies, so this is about as close as I can get: Robert Rodriguez's über cool Desperado, staring the smokin' hot Antonio Banderas. Seriously. This man could fry eggs just by looking at them.

This is the opening sequence.

It's also one of my favorite movies because it reminds me of when I first met S.B. He wore his hair this exact length, tied back in the exact same way, and had the exact same amount of fire power. Still does :o)


Joanna Cake said...

LOL, I think there are a few different interpretations of this week's theme :)

If it's the RomCom I'd like to have starred in... hmmmm, probably Pretty Woman or something by Richard Curtis.

Antonio is very cute but somewhat flawed in my eyes when he chose to shack up with the rather unusual looking Melanie Griffith... and I'm not sure whether he is naturally funny, although with that accent it probably doesnt really matter because he could make any proposition attractive.

Question is whether that sort of fey quality he has would wear after a time. I prefer my men more earthy and obviously strong, hence my choice of romantic comedy star...

moi said...

Joanna: Melanie was a mystery to me as well. Although, I don't think she started messing with her face until after they were married.

Karl said...

Good evening Moi,

What a great scene! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Happy clip day!

Sharon Rudd said...

Culinary Smackdown results up (finally!). Thanks so much for your entry - and ongoing inspiration!

Aunty Belle said...

heh--a man who is armed--heheheh.

Ok.....not bad...but has ya seen AB's BEST ever work, the wrenching film, Imagining Argentina? Wow. Not macho (per se) but the range of emotions--the acting is jes' spot on.

Though the plot line is odd, I loved seein' him work wif' Armand Assante on Mambo Kings. Assante of course is Beliazare the Cajun --another really great little known movie.

moi said...

Karl: It's a fun movie; you should check it out.

Eggplant: Super; I'll be right over!

Aunty: I loved the Mambo Kings, even though I thought the book was better. You're right on the cajun movie—little known but one of the best films of its kind ever made.

Buzz Kill said...

I was just watching this movie the other night. I have a thing for Salma Hayek and I think I'm the Antonio Banderas type (Bwahahaha), so I could have picked this movie. Although more of an action flick, it does have comedy and romance in it. My favorite scene is the gunfight in the bar. Good choice.

Tourist Girl: And, your beer tastes like piss.
Short Bartender: We know.
Tavo: 'Cause we piss in it!
Short Bartender: That's not all!

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

Yep - starring in as opposed to starring with -- difference in interpretation. This was a strange movie to me and don't remember much about it.

Wish I had thought of "Chocolat" with Johnny Depp!!!!! Oh well, too late now!

moi said...

Buzz: You and every man in the universe. Salma in this movie is one of S.B.'s freebies.

Pam: Chocolate is a good one. One of my favorite movies.

Heff said...

Pretty sure Antonio CAN'T play guitar. Notice how the detailed guitar scenes DON'T include a headshot ?

Just Sayin'....