Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesdays: Worst Ending

Let me make it clear right here and right now that I am not a fan of romance novels or movies. If a situation contains even one lone molecule's worth of the scent of schmaltz, Fabio's pecs, a distressing damsel, or Meg Ryan's trout pout, it will send me running into the night, never mind the high heels. I may even be screaming. I am, for sure, gagging.

Except. Except. EXCEPT. When it comes to The Way We Were. For some reason this movie, this very one, gets me every time. I think the ending is the worst, because, seriously, they should have stayed together—they should have made it work!—so viewed in that way, it fills the requirements of this week's MCW theme. Viewed another way, of course, the ending is near perfect in the way it clutches at the heart strings and nudges the tear ducts.

Stupid tear ducts.


Aunty Belle said...

sigh, Moi, me too.

Hate schmaltz, but have watched this movie at least a a half dozen times. Seems to me it ended right--they shoulda made it work, but the couldn't without violence to each personality--but gosh, Mary Matalin and James Carville manage, doan they?

I have sneaking suspicion that if it were not Babs, I would cry more--she doan do much fer me, though in this role it was right.

Great pick.

Buzz Kill said...

*groan - chick movie* I think I watched this once a long time ago, back when Streisand had those run of movies in the 70s (the Owl and the Pussycat, A Star is Born, Funny Lady, etc. etc.) and was just glad this and the other movies had an ending. I never got her (especially Yentl). Yeah, she can sing but she wasn't much to look at and her accent (in every movie) was annoying. So, not liking the movie, I really don't have an opinion as to how bad the ending was. She almost got killed running accross the street. That would have been a good ending. Bwahahaha

Happy MCW!

Jenny said...

Whenever I want to torture Mr. Boxer I say "we'll break up and then I'll run into you at the Pike Place Market and I'll be throwing fake blood on people wearing fur and you'll be there with your trophy wife and it will be just like the of the Way We Were." and he says "you have to stop this." BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Loved this movie, the theme song was a big part of my youth and I agree with you. WHY? WHY? doesn't she get to keep Robert Redford????

Great pick. Happy MCW.

Jenny said...

p.s. Buzz Kill's last sentence made me spit out my drinkee.

Pam said...

LOL at Buzzy for sure! Now, this movie I can discuss at length. I love some of the finer points ... "In a way, he was like the country he lived in ... things came easily to him." What a great line. And did Redford EVER look better than when he was in that little bar wearing his uniform? I think NOT. Now, as to the ending, I might not like that they didn't stay together but I think there was a lot of mutual love and respect there at the ending. Sigh. Hubbell Gardner. Sigh.

moi said...

Aunty: I've always had a love/hate relationship with Barbra myself. I find her singing voice stunning; her speaking, not so much.

Buzz: Heh. I love making my male readers wince. Your final thought would make a most excellent You Tube video parody. Blam!

Boxer: Bwahahahahaha! I wonder what a PNW trophy wife looks like?

Pam: You are oh-so-right that this movie is not just a love story, but an allegory of two Americas.

Milk River Madman said...

I didn't see this when it came out because I wasn't even a teenager (i don't think) and I won't watch it now because it has Babara Streisand in it but your judgement is very good so I'm sure you are spot on. Happy MCW.

chickory said...

this movie kills me. i hate babs, but i gotta say, she wielded her power wisely. think of all the romantic movies she was in and the men she had co-star. well played, striesand!

what is so interesting about this movie is it illustrates that you cannot make it too difficult for a man. you cant. you can believe different things -but you cannot bitch about the differences 24/7. i loved the scene where the boys are on the sailboat talking about the best years ....and redfords pal talks about losing Katie as "losing SOMEBODY'

and yet he couldnt roll with it because it was just too hard.

this is an instructional film.

i love it. i love prince of tides too -though nolte is no redford. still - the violin scene at the party makes it all worthwhile.

chickory said...

LOL boxer!

chickory said...

PNW trophy wife:

Coach trench and umbrella
Columbia shirt
Hudson jeans
Merrell hiking boots
seattle's best coffee
waterproof mascara
Trust fund

island retreat ;-)

Joanna Cake said...

Robert Redford, the precursor to Brad Pitt. Wouldn't a woman do almost anything to make it work with a man who looks like that?

That song is just a killer - still too much for me a year after my departure.

I thought what Buzz said about her taking her life in her hands crossing that street.

moi said...

Milk: Sorry. I know there is a major squick factor here for the dudes.

Chickory: "Instructional film." Hmmm. Never thought of it that way, but you're right! I would add to PNW Trophy Wife: a Prius.

Cake: Redford was awfully pretty, wasn't he? And I think few "love" songs pack the emotional punch of "The Way We Were."

Karl said...

Good evening Moi,

She can belt out a tune. Her movies and politics leave me cold.

Happy clip day!

9 said...

seriously. do your commie shite on the side, sixter and be sweet with redford. its not rocket science.

moi said...

Karl: Not to mention, she's a believer in the worst "woo" shite around.

9: Yes. The most successful relationships owe their longevity to years of artful construction and obfuscation.

Heff said...

Hey, it's my FAVORITE Liberal nutcase, BABS !!!

moi said...

Heff: The fact that she is the most lampooned celebretard in South Park goes a long way towards illustrating just how Code Red is her crazy. Two years ago, I ended up on a local bar stool next to a bit Hollyweird actor who'd moved to New Mexico to try and reinvigorate his career. When I asked him for some dirt, he rolled his eyes and said, "The things I could tell you about Streisand. Not good." Of course, he didn't give me any details. Wuss.

czar said...

Streisand apparently was rather voracious and prolific in the sack, before bedding down with Marcus Welby's assistant anyway.

To me the worst ending ever was the credits to The Piano. That meant the rest of the movie was beginning.

moi said...

Czar: Oo oo! Me, too! I hate The Piano with the force of a bazillion white hot suns!

fishy said...

Great choice. It definitely gets the lump to the throat and the psyche screaming no! wait! no!

But honestly, this selection put me in mind of another Redford OMG ending.
Have you watched the Horse Whisperer?
I cry when I hear the intro music.

Aunty Belle said...

Well, I liked Redford in Three days of the Condor--an' it ended jes' fine.

An Babs? Well, the name KATIE wuz jes' so wrong in TWWW.

Pam said...

I always wondered if Barbra got her interest in politics from this movie, or if she had it before. Her character in the movie is probably pretty close to her heart.

Another scene I love from this movie: "You can't leave, I have pot roast!"

moi said...

Fishy: You know what? I don't think I ever have watched it. Huh. That's one for the queue.

Aunty: Redford can be annoyingly left of center, but I respect him in many ways. Once, he pitched up to one of my hometown's eateries and when the owner found out he was standing in line outside, she rushed out to usher him in. But he insisted on standing in line to wait his turn, and graciously signed autographs and posed for photos.

Pam: Hah! One of the movie's funniest lines! We women are at our core so practical.