Friday, July 2, 2010

Bird Brained

I am so glad that my snow shoes can be put to some good use in the summer, other than gathering dust.

I have no idea what species of bird this is that has decided to build its condo of twig and vine and . . . shoestring? . . . All I see of them is a frantic blur of brown wing headed for outside whenever I enter the garage, forgetting for a moment that they are there, tending their two tiny eggs, pale blue/green like a child's Easter dress, with a few randomly placed brown freckles at one end.

They are very small. Maybe only twice the size of my thumbnail, if that. I'm always blown away by bird's eggs. So fragile and yet at the same time so smartly, perfectly engineered for their specific purpose. No more, no less.

(Sorry the photo is so lousy, but I didn't want to disturb the nest any further to refocus on another one.)

Now that I know the nest is there and the eggs have been laid, I'm all mother birding myself about what to do about the garage door. Do I leave it open? Do I continue to close it at night like I always have?

S.B. says I should just quit worrying. Maybe the birds built the nest in the garage because they know, in their birdy way, that the humans close it on occasion, thus ensuring that their eggs are safe from predators. Maybe they need the nightly reprieve from parenting to go out and whoop it up with other exhausted birdy parents? At any rate, we should just continue to do what we've always done and the birds will figure it out.

After all, they do tend to choose their nesting locations carefully.

Maybe I should move the dog's water trough, which sits directly underneath the nest, though. Because the last thing Ivan needs is another snack.


Big Shamu said...


Heff said...

Cool. When I ran the squirrels out of my attic a couple of months back, I checked out the little "house" they made. Shredded Wal-Mart bags, paper towels, stuffed animal guts, all neatly shrouded around an upside down hat they slept in - MINE, of course. BASTARDS !

chickory said...

grrrrrreherhahaha! great riches of nature. lucky you. and i LOVE that picture of Ivan.

Buzz Kill said...

The birds will be fine, I wouldn't do anything out of the norm. What if you didn't know they were there? I would, however, get rid of the nest after the eggs hatch because there will be bugs in it. And don't take it in the house and make a centerpiece out of it. Nice story and pictorial.

moi said...

Shamu: I know. Every day is a comedy routine around here.

Heff: Ah. You are anti-Squirrel. Good to know. You ever think of getting a dawg? Ours go after every critter on four legs that can cause a problem.

Chickory: I got a better look than usual at them today. I think they're house wrens.

Buzz: No, I only do that with wasp nests.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

S.B. is right. The birds will either make it or they won't. Let mother nature decide. And be thankful they're not Osprey.

Have a great 4th!

Sharon Rudd said...

Awwww, lovely eggs, lovelier Ivan :)

Enjoy your weekend. And some tunes.


Pam said...

Awwww! When nature and Moi collide! SB might be right that they built it where it is protected. Protected, that is, from the outside world. Inside world = big dog with appetite. Has he been known to chase birds before?

moi said...

Karl: During a fishing trip in Montana a couple years ago a cranky osprey followed us the entire way. What a racket! Beautiful bird, though.

Intuitive: The Ivanator gets away with a lot because he's so cute :o)

Pam: No, Ivan has no interest in birds (that's Maddie, she'll kill them but so far has not noticed these parents), but if one falls in his water, he'll probably snag it.

Jenny said...

the first thing I thought when I saw the nest?

"what bird brain decided to pick THAT to raise their young".

Ivan's looking extra handsome in that shot and you're right, two small little wouldn't go very far with him. I love those tiny eggs and I hope/hope/hope all goes well them.

Happy 4th!

fishy said...

Those tiny perfectly engineered eggs are wonderous things. I agree with SB, you were closing the garage door at night before you knew of the nest. Er.... love the picture of Ivan but it looks like relocating the water trough is a fine idea.

PS) is there a window in the garage you can open marginally?