Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visual Haiku: Summer Nights

like clockwork they come
monsoonal rains hail and pelt
desert springs to life


Sharon Rudd said...

Nice photo and haiku. I've been caught in one of those southwestern monsoons - yikes! Meanwhile, July Culinary Smackdown theme has been posted on my blog. Hope you'll be able to take a break from manuscript wrangling and join in the fun!

fishy said...

A desert in bloom is a vision I have seen only once. I remember the feeling of surprise as the day before it was just so stark and drab I yearned for color. Lovely pairing of prose and picture.

Jenny said...

I remember a trip to N.M in June many years ago and experiencing the monsoonal rains you've described. The smell of the wet dirt was something that really stayed with me. Lovely picture. Happy Haiku Thursday!

chickory said...

dramatic sky~ very nice photograph moi - if ya painted that the colors would seem phony ..
nice pairing with a haiku written in scientific inquiry

hail and pelt:

a design team specializing in outerwear with fur

get some desert flower pictures!

Buzz Kill said...

We had "monsoonal rains" here today that took out the main power line on my mom's house.

Need the water but
can do without the falling
pine tree limbs and cones.

moi said...

Eggplant: I'll be right over!

Fishy: The desert demands close scrutiny and careful attention. And things are not always what they seem.

Boxer: Monsoons also bring wet dog smell.

Chickory: Our skies are amazing. Just like Bierstadt paintings come to life. We've got some great flowers currently popping up, including Indian Paintbrush. Unfortunately, my good camera seems to be broken. I'll have to see what the little one can do.

Buzz: We mostly lose power in the winter when snow downs power lines. But sometimes in summer, a line gets fried and we're in the dark for a while. I hate it, as it reminds me how dependent we all are on the flip of a switch.

Pam said...

I think some of those monsoons came through here while we were away. Wonderful photo and really illustrates the haiku. Hopefully things will be back in full swing next week now that my life is my own again. Almost anyway.

LaDivaCucina said...

Did you take this Moi? Gorgeous.

Pam said...

This week's theme: Patriotism!

moi said...

Pam: I think Oklahoma takes our weather and then magnifies it a thousand degrees. Hope you get back in the swing of things soon!

La Diva: I took this last summer after an evening storm. Our skies are magnificent, although a few of those Miami sunsets will give us a run for our money for sure. Especially if DJ is shooting them.

Pam: Oh, goody. I have an idea . . .