Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Food For Thought

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It's 8 minutes long, so if you need to skip ahead, go to minute 5:43 and watch from there. Priceless.


9 said...

i saw it on big hollywood. Jon Stewart hates black people! grrrrrrrrrrrhahahahahahahaha Racist! grrherhahahahaha oh boy. the pain of realization, Jon. It hurts, dont it?

we are so very thoroughly F**ked.

Buzz Kill said...

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are hysterical. I saw Stewart do his stand-up in Atlantic City last year nad he's just as funny live. Good stuff.

Jenny said...

I applaud Jon Stewart for mocking the President, but K9 is right, he looks a little more than just upset. But, he's brilliant and I would have loved to have seen him live like Buzz did.

However, it's really NOT funny about what's happening and how quickly it's happening. I read that Lieberman wants to introduce a "kill switch" for the Internet to be used by the President in case of a "national emergency". I'm deeply disturbed.

moi said...

9: I've always held out hope that Jon's a closet libertarian. Plus, he owns pit bulls, so how bad can the guy be?

Buzz: I've always had a sneaking suspicion that any comic that makes fun of the opposite team with as much relish as Colbert must in actuality admire some of their ethics.

Boxer: Then we'll have pirate Internet just like we have pirate radio. I hope.

Aunty Belle said...

huh? cain't make it play---help!!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hello! I am UP with the culinary throwdown winner! I'm sorry I can't stick around to comment, have 18 year old niece in town and am still working! Thanks for playing! x

Sharon Rudd said...

FYI, Moi, the recipe you requested for my savory cake thingie is up on my blog. Happy baking, and thanks for your kind comments!

Aunty Belle said...

heh--ah, this time it loaded--too true to laugh--but I laughed. Then I coulda spit. Uh huh, Stewart an' gang, lemme jes ' remind ya that Barry Boy is YORE boy and ya put him thar'. I know the Bushites din't run thangs the ebst, but buddy, how's Bush lookin' to ya now????