Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rips in the Space Time Continuum

If you've ever pondered the potential for fun in the six-hour expanse of a mid week evening in Miami, under a post storm star-lit sky, on the patio of La Diva and DJ Nevah L8's high rise apartment at the edge of the water, the lights of half a dozen Star Island celebrity homes winking on and off across the bay (shame on you, Matt Damon, wasting all that electricity), well, I'm here to tell you.

First, you drink.

Then, you gossip.

Next, you eat (tostones! grilled steak!).

After which, you soak in the hot tub and decide that it's impossible to solve the world's problems on one dinner and two bottles of wine alone.

Finally, you go back to your table for dessert (fig compote!) and talk music. During which convo, DJ Nevah L8 suggests what just might be one of the most brilliant pairings in the history of rock and roll:


= genius

Come on. You know you think so, too. Besides, how could it possibly be any more strange than this:


Jenny said...

I stopped readingn after "fig compote"

.... started thinking about Matt Damon wasting electricity and how we can get the next blog summit (2011!)

I'll be back for the best/worst "mash ups" later.

Jenny said...

P.s. I LOVE fig compote.

Jenny said...

yikes, what is UP with my typing skills.... meant to say how can we get us all to Miami for the next blog summit.

I think I'm done now.

Milk River Madman said...

Feel free to give Alicia Keyes my phone number. She makes me daydream. A lot. I'm in on the summit. I don't care where it is.

moi said...

Boxer: Step away from the vodka :o)

Milk River: She's a cool cat, that's for sure. But my love belongs to Jack and I don't care who knows it.

Buzz Kill said...

Wow, you had the Diva cooking for you and you hot tubbed with her husband? Pretty successful trip.

And what's up with Boxer?

sparringK9 said...

i hate matt damon. he has the worst weirdo smile. and somebody sukka'd me into "the talented mr ripley" after that, i not only hated matt damon but every person in the movie and every one in the theatre. RAWR! RAWR! 2nd most horrible movie after "vanilla sky" which was the final straw to boycotting hellwood.

but i digress...

wow! fun with la diva! fine food and peeps and meeami. very nice. its cool meeting the bloggers! summit to miami? oooh yeah. lets gin up an east coast west coast rivialry boyeeeeeeeeeee.

jack and bjork. are you saying thats a thing? then lets bring back a new reconfigged sugar cubes.

Pam said...

Bjork and Jack White! That guy gets around, I wonder what Loretta Lynn is gonna do with her jealousy over the man? Was there supposed to be a pic at the bottom? If so, it isn't showing up on my screen. THe summit sounds wonderful, if only for the view (let alone the eats) ...

moi said...

Buzz: Okay, that sounds weirder than it actually was, but I'll take it!

K9: Vanilla Sky. Talented Mr.Ripley. Eyes Wide Shut. Oh, I feel a post comin' on. And I have been known to get such a hate-on for Gwynnie Paltrow on the fashion blobs, you don't even know.

Pam: No, no. They haven't done anything yet. DJ was just suggesting that it would be the most awesome pairing in the universe, ever. I have to agree. The last bit on my post is a You Tube vid of Jack White and Alicia Keys doing the last Bond movie song. You can Google it – it's very strange.

Joanna Cake said...

I rather enjoyed that Bond theme :)

LaDivaCucina said...
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LaDivaCucina said...

Fig compote with MARSCAPONE, bitches! haha!

LOVE THIS SONG...I think it was the theme to the last James Bond movie? Alicia NEEDS someone like Jack White to work with her full time on her upcoming work as I'm finding that Alicia (AND Bjork) are getting too stuck in their vocal stylings and sounding too samey samey each album. God Bless Good Ol' Jack White, my fellow Detroiter. I hope he's ok in flooded Nashville.

Moi, darling, what a beautiful night under the stars that was....and the rain too! We just didn't care though, did we? Good comp'ny and good times will do that to you.

Miami is waiting with open arms for all blogging buddies! Bienvenidos baby!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

it. is. true.

I heart that song so. and also, I heart the bjork.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

also, as much as I heart a good bond movie, that song is probably the best thing about the last bond effort.