Friday, May 21, 2010

Culinary THROW DOWN: Caribbean, Mon

A deadline prevented me from participating in this go 'round, so I'm contenting myself with running around and drooling.

But if you get a chance, stop by BamaTrav's place and visit everyone else who is participating. Folks are making some delish dishes!

Bama, I wish you luck with the judging.


Buzz Kill said...

When I saw the picture I was all set for a lengthy read on several Caribbean/Floridian dishes - WTF. I didn't have time for this challenge either. We had mostly take out food this week the schedule was so bad. Well, there's always next challenge.

Jenny said...

I had a great cookbook to work with, but the weekend I planned to make something (with my foodie friend) turned into shopping friend instead. This week? Yah, it didn't happen for me either, all I did was glue little tiny pieces of red acrylic together.

I'm going to go see what was cooked up. I'm thinking LaDiva is in with something fabulous.

And Moi? Go back to work! Bwahahahahaha. xoxox.

Christo Gonzales said...

bummer you couldnt participate

Pam said...

Until these challenges feature scrambled eggs and/or toast, I'll have to not participate as well .... :)

Heff said...

Very nice, Moi. Maybe next time

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, is ya dodging that deadline, droolin' over food? heh.

Deadlines is a love/hate affair fer me.

BUT-- make some do-re-mi so we can Summit in little turned up toed shoes.

Unknown said...

lovely beach picture looks awesome great post

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