Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haiku Thursdays: Dream Destination

SPF coated
sand abraded, pink drink drunk
heaven is a beach


Buzz Kill said...

Oh, you do have a visual haiku. I like the "sand abraded" line. I hate getting sand in places it shouldn't be. Bwahahaha

Jenny said...

There is something about a hot, white sandy beach. ahhhhhh.

I'm with Buzz, I like "sand abraded".

Karl said...

Aah yes, life's a beach.

Aunty Belle said...

oh drat, In did not make the Thurs haiku!!

This one is inviting!

Heff said...

Just hand me a Corona. That's MY beach.

Pam said...

I am sooooo for this after the week that has been around here. Yep, pass the Corona and sunscreen. Happy weekend to you.

LaDivaCucina said...

Thinking of youse going to Utah reminded me of this for some reason (meh, Montana, Utah, only a state away,it's close enough and still big sky country!)

I might be movin' to Montana soon
Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Raisin' it up
Waxen it down
In a little white box
I can sell uptown
By myself I wouldn't
Have no boss,
But I'd be raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Well I just might grow me some bees
But I'd leave the sweet stuff
For somebody else...
but then, on the other hand
I'd Keep the wax N' melt it down
Pluck some Floss N' swish it aroun'
I'd have me a crop
An' it'd be on top

(that's why I'M movin' to Montana)

moi said...

Buzz: Like my teeth. Hate that.

Boxer: Thanks! Funny, though; as scared as I am of the ocean, it's the place I like to vay-cay the best!

Karl: For, you, literally!

Aunty: Although, I'm trying to imagine you in Balenciaga at the shore :o)

Heff: Corona tis, indeed, a most tasty beverage on a hot summer day. Any beer in a "Kölsch" style appeals to me.

Pam: Enjoy your weekend, too!

La Diva: That cracked me up. S.B. and I tried to move to Missoula once. But 65 below in the winter? Nah.

LaDivaCucina said...

I didn't know you is scared of de ocean! I wish you were still here and La Sirena would take you by the fin into the sea for a wondrous snorkel. Heading off to the beach now, before the nightclub going and boom box blaring kids wake up and wander down with their stupid jean shorts unzipped. Lame.

Good weekend to you dear! x

moi said...

La Diva: I love to snorkel though! As long as the shore is in sight, I'm fine. It's open water with no land in sight that freaks me out.